Day 25 – Saddest Anime Death

I was going to say Asuma-sensei from Naruto, but there’s one death that hit me hard. It’s a huge spoiler though…so click read more at your own risk. If you’re curious though, I’m going to be talking about Tokyo Magnitude 8.0.

mothers day - Yuuki's drawing

If you haven’t watched Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, then go watch it now. I’ll even forgive you for not read this post rightaway, just go watch that fantastic anime!





Are you done? Alright then!






yuuki - Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

The saddest anime death to me is Yuuki from Tokyo Magnitude 8.0. I think what made this worse was that Yuuki is like my dream son. He’s sweet, he’s caring, and he’s just so darn cute. He’s an awesome little guy whose good nature balances Mirai’s hot tempered one.

So when he died, I was shocked. Shocked because I thought this show would have a happy ending. Instead, it was bittersweet. Even though everyone was able to find each other, Yuuki was still dead. It helped bring the family together though and Mirai grew up a lot because of it.

I mentioned this before, but this was the only anime that made me think of it and start tearing up days after I watched it. When Asuma-sensei died, I was sad and the tears came down, but I was also saying to myself, “That Hidan. I love him!”

Here, I was just gutted. The realism here was just too much and unlike anything I’ve seen in an anime before. I expected a happy ending, I desperately wanted it, but it didn’t happen. I love Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 for that reason though. Sometimes characters we love die and that’s just how real life is. And it isn’t until they die that you full start to appreciate them all that much more.


Just thinking about his death is kind of depressing me…not going to lie, I actually started to tear up while writing this, but I guess that’s a testament on how much his death touched me.

ps. I’m glad I wrote this at night and going to schedule this for the morning. If I actually started to cry (I didn’t) because of this (which again, I didn’t), I wouldn’t be able to face anyone. Explaining why my eyes are red (which they aren’t) would have been a very awkward conversation.


4 thoughts on “Day 25 – Saddest Anime Death

    1. mochirochi Post author

      It was pretty shocking, especially since Mirai didn’t even understand what was happening until later. 😦

      I find that a lot of the answers can fit to any number of questions for this challenge.

      1. miharusshi

        I, too, was even confused like Mirai was. And, yes, I cried and my chest hurt bad when I watched that scene. T_T
        It just depends on who’s answering which questions, because we have different views on, say, the same scene.

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