Doctor X-3 ep 3 (jdrama)

The episode starts with Daimon-sensei is working her team to the bones as she continues doing surgery after surgery. The male doctors watch from above. At first, they’re amazed by her speed and quick wits in order to find the solution, but soon they start talking about the nurses and their nurse biases.

daimon - doctor x

Ebina, being Ebina, has his hands on the microphone as this is happening making all of the nurses with Daimon aware of how the four doctors feel about them. The head nurse, Junko, doesn’t like what is happening and confronts them. She complains to the director about how the men are being stupid, but she also complains about Daimon. According to her, Daimon is the worse because she’s using her position to harass the team and make their working conditions difficult.

Before anything can be done, the Japanese Nurse Federation Chairman, Mihara Masae, makes a visit to the hospital because her granddaughter has cervical cancer. Daimon suggests that they do a total hysterectomy, because the surrounding organs have a chance of recurrence. Because the chance there isn’t zero, she feels like this is the best option for the patient. Another doctor, Ashigara who will probably get fired by the end of the episode, objects to this, because a total hysterectomy would result in the patient needing an artificial anus and bladder. They’d also need to do postoperative chemotherapy along with radiation therapy. All this would place a strain on the patient.

But Daimon feels like this is the best way to make sure the cancer doesn’t come back. So is quality of life better than to have a longer one with some inconvenience? According to President Tendo and the family, quality of life takes precedence. So Ashigara-sensei takes the lead in this surgery and promises to deal with it in a considerate manner.

President Tendo also scolds Daimon and reminds her that a doctor needs to have some compassion and understanding of the patient. You need to be considerate in order to survive, not only with the patients, but with the nurses too. The nurses gobble this up and thank Ashigara for his hard work.

We soon learn that out of all of the doctors, Ashigara is the most clean. He’s ethical, he doesn’t accept bribes, he’s a good doctor, and he doesn’t cheat on his wife. Poor guy, I feel like this episode will bring forth the destruction of his character.

Unfortunately for him, the cancer spread and now the surrounding organs are now infected. The only thing we can do is a total hysterectomy. Mihara isn’t pleased when she learns about this, as she wants to preserve the organs as much as possible. But even Ashigara comes around and says that this is the only option. The granddaughter agrees, even if Mihara is against it.

The nurses are not happy about this though and confront Ashigara and Daimon. After saying that they don’t want Daimon to operate, she just tells them it’s five and leaves the room. Man I love Daimon!

Like almost every episode in this series, Daimon ends up being the one who saves the day while everyone acts amazed by her work. The difference here is that the nurses refuse to help her at first, before finally giving her the tools needed as the surgery continues.

After removing the tumour, Junko prepares the artificial anus and bladder, but Daimon tells them that she doesn’t need it. Instead, she’ll use her doctor powers and make sure the quality of life remains intact for the granddaughter.

Daimon is successful, Junko remains a tsundere, and Ashigara’s reputation is smeared after we learn that he was involved with the granddaughter and sent her love letters. He’s basically forced to hand in his resignation as well. Ebina is also blamed for his poor leadership skills, he doesn’t get fired though.

All in all, it was another good episode. I’m still not sure what President Tendo is doing. Is he using Daimon to motivate his team to do better? If that’s the case, then it seems like by the end of the season all the hospital will only have Daimon there. She may love surgeries, but she also stops working at five so…

Mihara even warns President Tendo about Daimon saying that she may be a cancer for the system. The nurses do bring an interesting dynamic to everything and like I said in a previous episode, I love watching Ebina-sensei. He’s a useless guy, but he’s his pathetic nature is kind of endearing. I use to think he’d change his ways, but I don’t think that will ever happen now.


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