Liar Game ep 3 (kdrama)

Liar Game round 2 - Minority Game

Last week, Da Jung gave up her winnings in order to help her teacher, because of this she isn’t able to forfeit and has to continue on with the game.

The loan shark guy and Professor Ha both scold her about doing this. Even though their concerns are legitimate, I was a bit annoyed that Da Jung looked so dejected. She looks like she’s always on the verge of tears. This tends to be normal for a lot of female heroines in the kdrama world, but I don’t want it in the Liar Game.

Professor Ha teams up with a news reporter at a gossip magazine in order to find the truth behind the Liar Game. We also find out that he was part of the Liar Game before, but will he join this one?

Even though the network increased their shares by 60%, the directors are having a hard time due to everything has been going on. Liar Game, as a reality show, is a hot ticket but it makes the higher ups a bit antsy. The directors want to make Professor Ha the main star and kind of fix in his favour. The producer doesn’t like this, because the Liar Game is a reality tv show. Thus, it should be real.

For a producer, she really doesn’t know much about reality tV. Almost everything is scripted and edited a certain way.

Da Jung also gets some fans who ask her for an autograph, because she’s so nice and honest. I’m a bit confused as to this, I do think she’s nice, but like I said last week almost anyone would have given up the money for a guy who is about to have his body parts cut up. Unless you’re a cold hearted psycho, you’re going to give the money up.

In any case, it is a good start to showing how people react to a game like this. I still think they need to do more though, especially from the participants. If I was someone else there, I might be annoyed by the fact that she’s getting the most airtime.

But enough about that, round two of the Liar Game is about to start and 22 participants will take part in the action. A bus takes them to their next location and we get to meet the korean Fukunaga! Jung Ah. I’m going to try my best not to spoil anything, but I’m excited to see her there.

Liar Game - Oh Jung Ah

Even though I’m trying very hard not to spoil things, I feel like the show is doing a good job at that. I mean, slightly crazy….

With Jung Ah here, that means it’s time for the Minority Game! Even though I know the outcome will be the same, with some slight changes here and there, I’m excited for this because the Minority Game is one of my favourite games in the Liar Game universe.

Plus, it gives me a chance to use this clip from the jdrama. I know, I know, I shouldn’t use the jdrama when talking about the kdrama, but this scene is just too good to pass up. Plus, I don’t think it will be used in the kdrama version.

It never gets old.

Anyways, Professor Ha has a sure fire way to win this game, but in order to do that he has to form a team of eight. Unfortunately for him, everyone is wary of approaching the genius professor, so he asks Da Jung to find six other players. She doesn’t really do anything though and in the end Professor Ha is the one who picks everyone.

They have to be extra careful though, because there’s a person in the game who took someone else’s spot. This person is called Betrayer X and everyone thinks that it’s a man named Choi Sung Joon. He looks shady enough, so it’s easy to understand why everyone is war y of him.

Liar Game - Betrayer X

The team of eight is formed and vote according to plan, only Professor Ha notices something in the end. Everyone looks relieved instead of sad that they lost the first round of the Minority Game. Looks like Betrayer X just made things a lot more interesting.

We get an introduction to the team members, and once again it’s like the show doesn’t want us to be surprised. Some things are a bit too heavy handed and make things really obvious. Again, this might be because I know what’s going to happen, but if you haven’t watched the jdrama version before or read the manga, what do you think? Do you think that you’ve already figured out what’s going on?

In terms of the game, it’s still fun. Things were changed though, so I’m interested to see how Professor Ha figures things out now that Da Jung is already eliminated.

I will this though, when I first started watching the kdrama version of the Liar Game, I was nervous about comparing it to the original. But now that we’re on episode 3, I feel like it’s coming into its own. Even though the games are the same thing, it does feel different. I don’t see Kanzaki Nao in Da Jung, she’s a completely different person. And I don’t see Akiyama in Professor Ha. They do have the same sort of swag, but it’s different. Not in a bad way though.

There will be fans who will question the changes to the characters and the game, but I welcome it. I just want no romance. If they can promise that, then I’m fine with whatever changes happen.


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