Day 23 – Favourite Attack Someone Used in an Anime

You know what would be easier, naming an annoying attack someone used in an anime. If that was the question, then I’d easily go for Thunderbolt by Pikachu. How that tends to beat everyone, I have no idea.

But that’s not the question. At first, I had a hard time with this question, because it’s something I never thought of, but while I was brushing my teeth I thought of a couple from a show and it all clicked. I originally was going to go with whenever Dio says,
“wryyy” and attacks someone, but instead, I’m going to go with Teru Miyanaga from the Saki series. Teru is Saki’s older sister and a beast when she plays. She has the ability to see what everyone’s game is like, so if you stick to your usual methods she’ll basically steamroll past you.

She has another one, but we don’t know what it is yet and probably won’t find out for a long time. The anime still has a long way to go and the manga is in the semi-finals, so there’s still awhile before everything is finally revealed.

I know this isn’t a traditional attack, because this isn’t a battle anime, but she does attack her opponents quite well with her ability and was able to rack up the points for her school.


One thought on “Day 23 – Favourite Attack Someone Used in an Anime

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