Karen Senki ep 5

You know that awkward moment when life decides to come at you, even when you just want things to continue at its relaxing state. That’s how life is with me right now, which is why Karen Senki seems like a great choice to watch since it’s filled with non stop action!

karen senki

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen in episode five. I know this will sound hypocritical considering how much I’ve talked about how all the fighting is boring, but I kind of wish there was a bit more here, only because nothing happened in this episode.

Karen quickly beats up the bounty hunter in a hand to hand combat.

Karen quickly beats up the bounty hunter that was after her. According to the bounty hunter, humans and machines are the same. Karen doesn’t agree and stabs her to prove her point.

The scene changes and we’re brought back to the gun repair man, who has to do some sort of ritual in order to fix the gun. I’m not sure why the gun needs to be repaired in this way, but whatever. The scene was beautiful to look at simply because of the stunning backdrop.


karen senki

But even though it was nice to look at, it also felt out of place and confusing. Why does he have to repair a gun in this way? It looked more like an exorcism mixed with some hammer work, which is fine. Really it’s fine, but I just wish they explained why the gun has to be dealt with in this manner.

After Karen gets her guns back, she finds Xiaogang in her house. He apologizes for the bad information he gave her before and warns her about Jay. Jay is the robot guy from the last episode who wanted to kill Karen, at least I’m assuming he is.

Karen then meets the first member of the Elevens that we saw two episodes ago. They talk for a bit, but then Karen leaves. The purpose of this meeting and the conversation that happens is another confusing part. I don’t know why Karen had to go there and by the time we got a bit of information, the show ended.

karen senki

We still got to see some beautiful shots. The show may be confusing at times and have some dumb action, but there are times when it’s just gorgeous to look at. When it comes to art and animation, the studio is doing a fantastic job. Direction and plot, not so much. I kind of wish everything was tidied up a bit, because the last episode was actually quite good and I felt like the story was finally moving. So for it to be followed up by this weeks episode, seems kind of disappointing. All of the momentum just stalled and I was left with a confusing mess.

At least it’s still pretty to look at.


2 thoughts on “Karen Senki ep 5

    1. mochirochi Post author

      I know what you mean. At 11 minutes, it shouldn’t feel that way, but it does. Episode four was quite good though. The pacing, characters, and story actually moved quite smoothly in that one. All the other episodes…not so much.


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