Selector Spread WIXOSS ep 4

Episode 4 of Selector Spread WIXOSS came out awhile ago, but I only got to watch it now. Yay! Seems like in the next episode we’ll finally get to see Ru and Iona fight together. I know they kind of did when Ru was against Aki-lovely, but Ru was clearly not in it to win it. Judging by the preview, she’ll be serious. Obviously Ru/Iona not going to be as strong as Ru/Tama, but I’m still excited to see what they’ll do.

Chiyori - Selector Spread WIXOSS

Lots of things happened in this episode. We got a fight that actually ended properly. Some insight into WIXOSS. And met a new Selector/author.

Eldora and Tama fight, but it’s clearly one-sided in Tama’s favour. Even though Tama isn’t enjoying her time fighting, she quickly overpowers Eldora and gets Ulith a win. I’m not sure what Ulith is planning, not even Iona knows at this point, but it’s clear that she has a plan in place to mess with everyone.

Since Chiyori lost her second game, things are a bit dangerous with her. Thankfully, my favourite character is still in good spirits. To her, even though she’s lost twice, she’s also won three times so her wish can come true at any moment. The girls try to warn her about what will happen, but she doesn’t care. Chiyori is ready to become a LRIG and even has her costume and name ready.

Chorizo de Ibéricoña The Second

Everyone in this season has been really down in the dumps, so Chiyori really is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise sad and despondent room. Aki-lovely did also seem happy, but that’s on a whole nother crazy level. With Chiyori, it just seems genuine and happy. Hopefully her good nature rubs off on Ru, Hitoe, and Yuzuki and actually gets them to be more proactive. I understand why they don’t want to go into battles, but if they want to change the system and help others, including themselves, then they really need to do something instead of mope around.

Thankfully, Chiyori pushes them to the right direction by letting us know about a book that she absolutely loves. Even though the book doesn’t mention Selectors or LRIGS, everything about the story, the fairy girls, getting your wishes granted, Mayu, and the white room, is eerily similar to the WIXOSS game. So Ru, Hitoe, and Yuzuki use the internet to find the author and contact her.

Iona also goes back to Aki-lovely and asks for her help once again. Aki-lovely is really creepy. Aki-lucky was a psycho, but Aki-lovely is something else. I think that she knows that she’s being used by Ulith, but she doesn’t care. The illusion of having someone love you is enough for her, which is kind of sad when you think about it. Meanwhile, Ru, Hitoe, and Chiyori meet with Futase Fumio, the author of the book Chiyori has.

From the preview, it seems like Fumio is also a Selector and challenges Ru to a battle. I’m excited for that! Hopefully it is good.

Futase Fumio

As a whole, there was some really good plot development here, but we’re still in the dark about everything. Mayu has a plan, but what is it? Ulith has a plan, but who knows what that is? Iona said that her wish is almost fulfilled, but so far we only know part of it.

Speaking of Iona, I kind of felt bad for her in this episode. It is her fault that she’s in this situation, but constantly being ignored and then hearing how Ru and Tama were the best has to be annoying her. Iona finds friends annoying, so I’m sure her character arc will involve her finding out the true meaning of friendship and love.

I’m curious as to how Mayu determines who is capable of being a Selector. I wonder why she allowed Hitoe, Akira, and Ulith to be Selectors again? Does this mean Hanayo might show up again? I wonder how Yuzuki’s brother will feel about being in a relationship with someone who isn’t his sister?


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