Recap: Sword Art Online II ep 16

saoii (15)

In the last episode, Kirito and his band of merry woman, plus Klein, made their way to ALO so they could retrieve the legendary sword Calibur. While there, they received the quest for it.

I mentioned before that I don’t think this arc would work for some people, mainly because it’s about a quest for a sword. Unlike SAO, this had real life implications, ALO, which had rape and privacy issue implications, and GGO, which had a serial murder, Calibur isn’t that big of a deal.

For their part, the quest did try to make everything a bit bigger than it really is. Apparently, if the giants from below take over, then ALO will lose a map and there would be chaos. As a gamer, this actually sounds good. Imagine having everyone join up together to take down a common enemy and save your hometown. It would be so much fun.

Enough about that though, let’s just talk about what went down in this episode.

Kirito and his harem, plus Klein, fight some giants. I did find it weird that Asuna didn’t seem to be fighting with them. I guess she’s a healer type, but considering how awesome she was in SAO, I wonder why she’s not fighting as much anymore.

Maybe due to the stress of SAO she simply wanted to stay in the background and help others instead of fighting or something? Maybe she just doesn’t like fighting anymore? Maybe, she likes magic but didn’t have time to learn any offense type ones? I don’t know, but to me, it seems kind of harsh that everyone is shown more than her.


I mean, she was one of the stronger characters in SAO and is more than capable of handling herself and yet she’s left in the background…much like every other time Kirito is surrounded by the other girls. She did save Kirito in the end, but everyone else fought first.

So the giant monster thing is defeated and Kirito explains how even though he used both of his swords, he didn’t use his duel sword technique from SAO.

The crew quickly defeat a few more boss battles until they only have one more to go. As they’re running towards there, they see a fallen maiden in an ice like prison. My first thought when I saw this was that this kind of reminds me of the dungeon in Zelda where you rescue a girl, but she seems creepy and afraid of the light. She then ends up being the boss for that level.


Everyone has the same thought as me and feels like it is a trap. Even if it was, I’d still save her. The others don’t want to except Klein, because she’s attractive and also because even if it’s a trap he can’t leave someone who asks for help.

Kirito then gives everyone the plan for the final battle. It’s mostly him telling the girls that he’ll fight first then tell them when to attack.

Before they enter the door, Asuna does some magic for them, but the new girl, Freyja, quickly shows her up by increasing the HP for everyone. The crew quickly remark that they’ve never seen magic like that before. Poor Asuna.

The final boss shows up and he’s huge! It turns out that the boss wanted Freyja to be his wife, but after she was sneaking around the treasure vaults, he had her locked up.


Kirito tells everyone to listen to what Yui says and begin the fight by dodging. Now that I think about it, having Yui around is such a horrible cheat. Would I use it if I had the chance? Absolutely, but it’s clearly not fair that she is able to help them so much when no one else has someone like her. I think if I was a boss in this game, I’d attack her first. Or increase my evilness, like Ganon, and make it so she can’t get near me and know what’s going on.

Ah, I just got flashbacks of Navi. The only time I wanted her help and she can’t do anything.

Anyways, the episode ends just as the giant is about to strike first.

So next week is the last episode for this arc and then Asuna will get her chance to shine with the following one. I, for one, am looking forward to that arc. Asuna keeps getting pushed to the sidelines and not doing anything. It just makes me pity her, because Kirito goes off to find another girl to add to the harem and as he’s sending them mixed signals, she’s talking to her kid about how much she loves daddy.

It’s kind of depressing.

SAO II First Boss

As for the episode, it was okay. It’s definitely a lot more low key compared to everything else that we’ve seen before. And even though this episode made me feel bad for Asuna, I did like seeing the fights. Everything did seem to happen very quickly though. It took half of the episode to beat the first boss, by the end, they’re already at the last one. It doesn’t really give you enough time to get fully invested in this arc or the situation surrounding it.

Oh well, only one more episode for this arc!


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