Recap: Nobunaga Concerto (jdrama) ep 2

kichou saburo

In the beginning of the episode, Saburo has to meet the pit viper of Mino, Saito Dousan. Saburo quickly tries to run away, because it’s terrifying. The others stop him and try to pick out a kimono for him to wear to meet this terrifying leader. This scene was actually very funny. Every kimono he tried on didn’t fit and could possible get him killed by the viper. In the end, he wore his school clothing. This ended up doing the trick, because the viper is a time slipper like him.

Back in 1972, Dousan was a police officer in Japan and somehow ended up in the warring states era. That means he’s been there for 40 years doing anything in his power to survive. Saburo tells him about his missing textbook and how the real Nobunaga asked him to take his place, since they look the same.

This seems like a mistake, because as Saburo and his men are leaving. Dousan calls forth his ninjas and sends his son over to Saburo to ask for Kichou back. According to him, “Forming an alliance with Nobunaga would give him nothing.” So he wants to Kichou to go to Takeda and marry into that family for an alliance. If she doesn’t agree, and really why would she after hearing how Takeda likes to sleep with tons of women and men and indulge in everything under the sun, then Dousan would attack the Oda clan.

The retainers all tell Saburo to let Kichou go, even though he doesn’t want to. They convince him to speak with her and she tells him that she’ll go be a concubine, because there’s no future for the Oda family anyways.

We also get to see why Kichou has problems with her father. It’s kind of depressing. But in his own way, he’s been trying to protect her.

All that is pushed aside though, because Dousan’s son, who teamed up with Denjiro, is planning a rebellion. Dousan also finds the textbook that Saburo brought with him and realizes that he’s going to die now. He quickly resigns himself to dying, but due to Saburo sending in reinforcements he gains a new appreciate for him. He reads the textbook and turns out that Nobunaga did the same thing. Saburo is no longer an imposter to him, he is the real Nobunaga. So he writes a letter to Nobunaga and Kichou and sends the textbook to him.

Dousan, is now dead.

There is a sweet moment where Kichou and Saburo get closer.

All in all, it was another good episode. I’m really surprised by how different it is from the anime. I keep expecting things to happen a certain way, but they don’t. I suppose this is a good thing though, because I don’t know what will happen. Well, in certain cases I do, but for the most part I don’t. It also looks like Tsune-chan has a bit of a crush on Kichou.



7 thoughts on “Recap: Nobunaga Concerto (jdrama) ep 2

  1. clear

    I spent a lot of time cooling down and digesting this episode slowly because I was pretty mad at what they turned Dousan into. Shibata and Niwa too, to a lesser extent. Though really, my main complaint was that he was significantly less sympathetic compared to— and I really ought to stop comparing them at this point now that it’s very clear the drama aims to be pretty different.

    Well I’m happy enough I can still be surprised (whether the surprise is good is another story) and it’s exciting to see the differences each week. Now I’m eagerly anticipating Mitsuhide’s return to see how that’s going down.

    1. mochirochi Post author

      I have a feeling that this is closer to the manga though. Kind of like how the Sailor Moon live action was closer to the manga than the original recipe anime. Even though there are similarities between the two, they were also vastly different.

      I agree that in the anime Dousan seemed more sympathetic, but I think he lived up to his name in the drama. He lived a long time being a viper, so stopping would have been hard for him. I felt bad for him in the end though.

      Whatever you do though, don’t read up on the history. I did after watching this episode and now the final scene of the anime has a different feel to it.

      1. clear

        Perhaps, but from what I see of the manga, the anime was actually very on-point. But I digress, I want to be fair to the drama.

        Haha, waaay too late for me on that end. Without saying much, Micchi’s feelings/thoughts are 100% honest so there’s a kind of paranoia for exactly what on earth needs to happen for things to go the way they go in history, manga still on-going.

        1. mochirochi Post author

          Oh wow, I didn’t know that. I wonder why the drama changed things then? I’ll have to read the manga once the drama ends.

          If he is honest, then what does happen? He seems a bit more sly in the drama when you compare him to the anime. At least he was actually sickly there, here, I’m not too sure.

  2. clear

    The manga has not yet reached Honnouji but the years are getting closer. The mangaka did troll the shit out of her audience with a certain “nightmare” chapter that made me worry for a while but that’s just not Micchi’s nature. Yeah he’s still capable of atrocities but all in Saburo’s name. Or rather “their” name.

    I may just be too emotionally invested and trying to convince myself it won’t happen ;_;

    1. mochirochi Post author

      Ah! this just makes me want to read the manga more. I’m glad Micchi seems like a good guy though. I was worried once I found out what actually happens….that being said…I must know what happens now! Should I wait till the drama finishes, or just read everything now? Decisions. Decisions.


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