Thoughts on Terra Formars ep 5

terra formars doll

Until the problem with my computer is fixed, expect crappy quality pictures.

The episode started with another flashback of when Marcos, Sheila, and Alex before they joined the Bugs 3 mission. It was a good one and did make the moment a lot more emotional, but I really wish they showed this before everything.

I know I sound like a broken record, but I can’t help it. I’ll try to stop from now on though. I need to start viewing Terra Formars as an anime and just lower my expectations. I think I might enjoy it more if I do that.

The episode also tells us why Michelle is so special. She inherited her father’s power, plus has another one of her own. Michelle and Akari will play a bigger role as everything goes on, which is why knowing this is so important.

I don’t like the CG for the cockroaches here. Most of the time, they’re okay. But the animation is kind of clunky.

Michelle quickly takes down the cockroaches with no problem, then Akari fights a few more.

Each time someone fights, I wonder why they keep going one at a time when there’s a swarm of cockroaches. I get that their medicine supply is limited, but doing this will just get another person killed.

While Akari fights, we see some flashbacks of his time with Sakurato, a patient in the hospital that’s close to where he was training for the Bugs 3 mission. Unlike the flashbacks with Sheila, this one felt kind of out of place only because we’ve never met Sakurato before. Each time it showed up, I kept wondering why we were stopping the action.

The episode ends with another cockroach landing next to Alex and one dragging Michelle down the river.

I liked the fighting, but the flashback with Sakurato felt awkward. It’s okay though…


3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Terra Formars ep 5

    1. mochirochi Post author

      I want to say, “Keep watching it!” Because I’m a fan of the manga, but the anime isn’t really doing a great job with the story. It’s a bit shallow for some reason. It might get better though and episode four was quite good.


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