Day 19 – Most Epic Scene Ever

This is a hard question to answer, only because I’m not sure what constitutes as epic. Is it a fight? Is it the moment when two characters admit to liking each other? Is it when someone is able to finally take a shot, after being blocked so many times? Is it a shocking thing that either had you cheering or at a loss for words? Is it the moment when someone you like dies? Is it the way someone eats a potato chip, while being watched by the police as he continues to kill more and more people? All of these questions are swimming around my head, so I’m not sure what to go with.

Should I go with the ending of School Days? It was definitely shocking, but I was kind of cheering for it. But would that be the most epic scene to me?

Should I go with Haiykuu!! because of the scene when Asahi jumps up and spikes the ball in the tournament for the first time? The build up, the animation, the music, everything about that scene was magical. But would that be the most epic scene to me?

Should I go with any scene involving Prince Baka from Level E?

Should I go with some deaths that happened?

I have no idea, so I’ll just go with a scene that I really liked from Sword Art Online. It might not be the most epic, or the one people associate SAO with, but it is by far my favourite scene in the series.

If you’ve seen the show, you’ll know that the first arc of SAO took place in the game Sword Art Online. Players were trapped in the game and if a player died in the game, they’d die in real life. If someone took off the headset of a player in real life, they’d also die. When that arc ended and Kayaba tells Kirito and Asuna that he doesn’t know why he decided to kill people in this way, everyone is saved but Asuna remains stuck there. So Kirito wakes up in the hospital, frail, skinny, and weak from living through an IV for the past two years and he tries to find Asuna.

To me, this was the most epic moment because Kirito saves everyone, but he couldn’t save the one person who mattered the most. Asuna. It’s sad. Unlike any other moment in the show, this was the only one that actually made me feel something.

There are other moments that might be more epic than this one, but I’d be venturing into spoiler territory and kind of want to avoid that. Plus, I’ll be saving that for Day 25.


11 thoughts on “Day 19 – Most Epic Scene Ever

  1. nikki

    Cool choice 😀 I think ‘epic scene’ can account for anything that you think of as ‘epic’, all the stuff you wrote in your para can fall into it – it’s subjective 😀 (Except for #s 12 and 19, I also find #s 24 and 27 to be rather… I don’t know, but I guess ‘confusing’ would describe them best.)

    To be honest, I was rather relieved when he woke up, although I was only half happy because I wanted my fav character from the series to be ok as well…

    Anyway, SAO has great animation and it’s also a huge plus – for me – that Yuki Kajiura composed the OST and so I myself was debating for a long time if I should include it for day 19 or day 16. I felt kinda sorry that I didn’t but hey 😀

    Love reading your posts and can’t want to see what you’ll answer for the next days 😀 Even though the challenge is getting to the end, it’s also getting awfully interesting, isn’t it? 😀

    1. mochirochi Post author

      You’re so sweet. Thank you! I like reading your stuff too 🙂

      Some of the topics do seem similar, don’t they? Day 21 seems like it will be hard too, since goofy characters tend to be my favourite characters and I’ve already mentioned them.

      It feels like the challenge just started, eh? It’s fun though and it is making me think about stuff that I never really contemplated before. I’m going to be bummed once it ends. Might having to do either a 30 day drama challenge or 30 day manga challenge. I’ve read more mangas than animes, so it might be easier to write about stuff.

      What are you going to do once this challenge ends?

      1. nikki

        I would be so thrilled if you did a manga challenge 😀 I wanted to do it but I don’t read as much manga as I’d want or could and I read manga mostly by certain mangaka (my favourite so far is Asano Inio).

        Well, once it’s over I shall get back to writing my ‘critiques’ and I was thinking to make a ‘Saturday music’ page, where every week I’d pick my top 5 songs for that week and talk a little about them (for example, why they’re special to me). But I’m not sure people would be interesting in reading stuff like this *shrug*

        Also, look what I’ve just found 😀 NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo are coming up apparently:D what do you think? 😀

        1. mochirochi Post author

          I’ve only read Solanin by Asano Inio and liked it quite a bit. They made a movie about it, but I haven’t had the chance to watch it yet.

          Saturday music might be fun. Even if you don’t feel like some won’t like it, the fun thing about the internet is that there will always be someone out there who will.

          I’ve tried NanoWriMo before and failed miserably, but I’m hoping to give it another shot this year. With the challenge, I’ve been trying to write every day, so NaBloPoMo sounds like a fun way to continue that trend.

          1. nikki

            I used to write my own little stories for pleasure, but after a while I threw them away because they sounded so cliche to me. The thing is that I’m not confident I can write a 50,000-word ‘novel’ in a month, not in my forth year at uni. Or maybe I’m just making excuses *sigh*

            Solanin is lovely, indeed, but my favourite by him is Nijigahara Holograph 😀

            Well, the songs would be Japanese so even if no one would want to read, I think I’d feel good after writing 😀 hahaha sounds so egocentric, doesn’t it?

            I might try to do NaBloPoMo as well 😀 I might end up ranting O.o

          2. mochirochi Post author

            The one advice I can give you if you do try to tackle on NanoWrimo is to plan ahead and not self edit while you are writing. The problem I’m currently having is that I have the idea, but I have no motivation to start planning.

            Nijigahara Holograph? I’ll have to check it out.

            If you end up doing NaBloPoMo, will you do a theme?

          3. nikki

            I don’t think I’ll be doing NanoWrimo this year, but thank you very much for the tip 😀 I appreciate it, especially since I’ve never done this before.

            Hmmm, as for the NaBloPoMo I think I might be spontaneous..there might be a subtle link between my posts, but I haven’t yet given it much thought… 😀

  2. D.T. Nova

    Maybe epic “should” mean something more specific than it does, but, well, that’s kind of impossible, especially in an anime context, because epic presentation of completely mundane events is pretty common in anime.

    1. mochirochi Post author

      That’s true. Yesterday I was trying to figure out what to do for this topic and looked up what others thought of as epic. Someone mentioned this scene and it is epic, but it’s about a very mundane task.

      I guess that’s the great thing about anime, even a scene like this can be considered epic.

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