Recap & Thoughts on OCN’s Bad Guys episode 3

“He not only dismembered her body, the victim’s organs are missing too.”


The show starts with a woman in a dark room that she can’t escape from. She has a cellphone, so she calls the police and asks for help since she’s been kidnapped.

We then see the Commissioner chastise an officer for failing to save the girl from the first scene. What makes it worse is that it took the police four hours to find her. During that time, the murderer killed her and dismembered her body in 356 pieces. Once he was done with that he escaped. The officer says that they had some difficulties, but gets yelled at because of his poor choice of words.

No matter. The commissioner wants the Mad Dogs to be released again so they can help solve this murder.

bad guys

So Oh Gu Tak goes off to prison to let the criminals know that they’ll be released once again. The bad feelings from the last case is still fresh though and two of them already want to kill him.

But it’s thanks to this we get a nice flashback of Gu Tak and his daughter, before she was murdered. It’s a nice scene. We also get a flashback when she died and when Gu Tak gets suspended.

In the present time, the criminals head over to the crime scene, where they touch things that are there. I had a little bit of a problem with this, because you can’t really do that in a proper investigation.

After some talking, Gu Tak’s team realizes that the girl from the beginning might still be alive and that the murderer is part of an organ trafficking ring. So not only do they have to find the killer, but they also need to save the girl who was captured before she is killed. Some censorship here when they discover a fridge filled with body parts, but it’s not that bad.
So the crew do their own investigation in their own unique way. Spoiler alert, all of them, including Gu Tak, use violence to find the answers that they need. Seems a bit harsh, but in the end they were able to save the girl and capture the bad guy.

When Jung-Moon wonders if they’ll go back to prison, just like last time. Gu Tak says that this is just the beginning. Unfortunately for Woong Cheol, he gets kidnapped and the episode ends. The preview for the next episode shows that he’s okay, so I’m assuming the kidnapping thing will either be a misunderstanding or will end quickly.


It’s amazing how all it takes is a suit for me to find Tae Soo attractive. When he’s not wearing it, it’s like all the magic is gone.

With regards to the episode, I liked it well enough but it wasn’t as good as the last two episodes. It makes sense, considering how the case was solved a lot faster here. It took two episodes to find the first killer, but only one to solve everything here.

I did like the flashback and the choice of lighting and make up for it. Not only is Gu Tak happier and nicer, but the lighting also makes him look softer. I initially thought that make up could be the reason for this, but because he was next to a window the light from it would have been enough to make him look that way.

So in the flashback, he looks nicer and more innocent due to the lighting (and maybe some make up), while in the present he looks hard and rough. You can see the wrinkles in its full glory. It’s almost like he’s showing the world his imperfections (not that wrinkles or pores are imperfections), because that’s how he views the world. It’s such a small and simple touch, but it’s enough to show the difference in Gu Tak’s emotional state.

I was hoping we’d see the criminals work together, but that never really happened. They all ended up in the same place, but it was due to their own investigations that got them there.
Overall, it was a decent episode. There’s still tons of action here and the characters are still interesting. They didn’t really do much with the female investigator, which is a shame since she’s meant to be their moral compass.


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