Day 18.5 – Favourite Character that has no gender

So far in this challenge, we’ve done favourite male character and favourite female character. Yesterday it was favourite male supporting character and today it was favourite female supporting character.

This is fine and dandy, but there was a problem here. Some characters don’t have a gender and I wanted to include them, but they don’t really fit the categories provided. So here’s an extra post where I can finally gush over my favourite non gender character.


Kyubey from Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica

So cute, so lovable, so fluffy, so huggable. Kyubey, Kyubey, I choose you! Kyubey is a perfect example of how looks can be deceiving. At first, Kyubey is just a cute side companion to the magical girls who are fighting against the witches. Plus, it promises the girls the answer to their dreams and wishes. Sure, it fails to mention that witches are former magical girls. And sure, this screws the girls over and causes Kyubey to become somewhat of a villain to everyone.

But it’s not the fault of Kyubey? Incubators simply don’t understand right or wrong in human terms.

They are masters in the art of manipulation though, which is why I liked Kyubey to begin with.

Even though we view them as evil, Incubators, like Kyubey, are just too cute to hate on. I love Kyubey and that feeling will always remain.

I realize I could have used Kyubey for day 16, but I don’t think it fit. So that’s why this post happened. Yay for deviating from the script! I promise not to do it anymore…or at least I’ll try not to.


4 thoughts on “Day 18.5 – Favourite Character that has no gender

  1. nikki

    I didn’t have any issues with Kyubey, but I didn’t particularly love it either. I think what’s important is for people who watch the series to understand that Kyubey is acting the way it is simply because its race doesn’t ‘feel’ what we feel. But this is a biggie, as it might come as a shock that one couldn’t comprehend feelings.

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