Thoughts: Doctor X-3 ep 2


I apologize for the lack of pictures. I couldn’t find a high res version of this episode, so all of the pictures I did take ended up looking like crap.

Mini Recap: Tendo wants the doctors to use a new cutting edge technology on a new patient. The patient is a world-famous physicist whose brain is a national treasure.  Futaba-sensei, from the East division, is told to take the reins since he’s the most experienced at using the technology. Daimon was told to act as his assistant, but quickly loses her position after insulting the physicist.

Meanwhile, Tsuji, the sushi guy, isn’t making sushi properly and it turns out that he also has a tumor. Since Daimon is free, she decides to take on the case. But this is Doctor-X and things don’t always happen as smoothly as they should. After a mistake that Futaba makes, Tendo calls for Daimon, who is busy prepping for Tsuji’s surgery. Daimon goes off to the other room and tells everyone to switch patience. So Daimon will work on the physicist and Futaba will work on Tsuji.

Both patients survive, thanks to Daimon, but in the end Futaba hands in his resignation and Tendo mentions how he can’t make a report about the new technology. Even though it was used on Tsuji, it won’t make waves in the doctor world if it wasn’t done on the physicist.

He praises Daimon to Akira, while the chiefs for East and West look annoyed.

Thoughts on the episode:

“We take on new challenges. There’s no progress without challenge. This is my opinion.

Change and Challenge.”

It’s amazing how with another person this would sound awesome, but it sounds so pathetic coming out of Ebina. Endo Kenichi is doing a great job in his portrayal here. Nothing less from a fantastic actor though. Every time he shows up I want to cringe, because he’s such a Yes–man. I want him to change, but till that happens he’s just annoying. He’s still one of the more interesting characters on the show. I don’t like him, but I always look forward to his scenes to see if there’s a hint of a change.

I mention this, because we see Ebina taking credit for another surgery that Daimon did. At the press conference, he says that cringe worthy phrase and then repeats “Change and Challenge” a bunch of times for reporters. His new slogan, as he slowly makes a name for himself.

I did have to laugh though, because later on when the East is given a special surgery and Daimon has to take over, Ebina starts to laugh and become even more annoying by cheering her on. He’d never do that, but since she’s technically part of the West team, he’s more than happy to see her take over and for the East to lose face to Tendo. The laughing was another cringe worthy moment though. Even though it was kind of funny, the fact that he was happy and laughed when the East surgeon, Futaba, made a mistake was kind of irresponsible for a doctor to do.

I can’t stand Ebina as a doctor, but I love him as a character. I think that’s a huge testament to Endo-san’s acting though. He’s able to give life to a really pathetic character and make me feel sorry for him, but also annoyed by him.

In the last episode, it seemed like Tendo was trying to get ride of the East vs. West rivalry and make things more harmonious. Yet, in this episode, it seems like he’s still continuing the rival for some reason or another. The two heads get an office, but it’s just one that’s been split in half. The crew also share an office with a red line separating East and West.

I’m a bit confused as to why he’s doing this.

I thought Tendo was trying to change things, but he seems so shady, especially when you compare him to the other bosses from the previous seasons. Futaba-sensei ended up quitting, but it’s clear from the scene that he was forced to hand in his resignation. I’m not sure what Tendo is trying to do? He keeps the divide, he sends for Daimon whenever things go wrong, he happily pays the fee, and he’s strict with his staff. When he was praising Daimon, I was wondering if he was trying get both sides to agree with each other by making Daimon seem like the bad guy? Almost like the two sides coming together to defeat a bigger enemy.

In any case, I don’t really trust him at the moment. Even though he seems to value human life, which is a lot better than the last two villains, he has this shady nature to him that makes me question everything he does. What exactly is his purpose? I don’t know, but I’m interested in finding out.

Seeing as how this is the last season of Doctor X, at least that’s how it seems like they may be setting up for Daimon to fail a surgery. The head nurse in the last episode told her that everyone fails and the special patient here also said that they don’t mind if the hospital fails. Daimon is someone who never fails, but I wonder if she will this season? I know they tell her this every season, but I have a bad feeling here.

Even with the surgeries, normally she’d do both but she only did one, the physicist, and assisted Futaba while he used the robot on Tsuji. I wonder if this was the show’s way of saying that she is amazing, but something is going to happen?


Speaking of the special patient, he’s a world famous physicist. If you didn’t realize that, then you’d know because every scene that he’s in, while awake and not in surgery, he’s doing math equations. At some point I was wondering if he was just writing random symbols?


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