First Impressions: Liar Game (kdrama)


Liar Game is out!

For those who are fans of the manga and jdrama versions, I would recommend going into this with an open heart. Just like how the live action was different from the manga, the kdrama version will be different from both, so don’t expect the exact same experience. It’s the same with Hana Yori Dango and Boys Over Flowers.

Now that this is out-of-the-way, let’s talk about episode 1 and my first impressions.

The show starts with the police trying to capture someone as a professor teaches a class about not trusting anyone. Once he’s done his lesson, the police storm into the classroom and arrest him. Why? He says that he killed someone. Meet Professor Ha, the Akiyama character of this story.

He’s smart, he’s able to read you like a book, and even in jail he’s used for his abilities of being a human lie detector.

A year later, we met Nam Da Jung, the Nao character in the kdrama. An old woman is at a cross walk and asks her for help. Even though Da Jung is in a hurry, she decides to help the old woman out only to be deceived in the end. The old woman leaves her and Da Jung is left with a bag containing a lot of money. She’s clearly distressed by this and since she can’t find the old ajumma, she takes the money home, throws it all over her bed, and sleeps on it.

Looks like this version of Nao is a baller and not just a goody-goody. She also has some spunk to her. Not only does she sleep on the money, like an O.G., but she also says, “It felt good sleeping on a lot of money.”

This is definitely a different Nao. Da Jung does have reason to feel this way though, due to her father she now has to pay off his huge debt which started off as 30k and is now 150k. She works several jobs that only pay 5 dollars an hour. Five dollars an hour…that’s rough, especially if it’s a part-time job. Not only is she struggling with this, but a loan shark keeps coming to her place to get money. This time, Da Jung runs, since she has a bag of money, and decides to give it to the police. While outside of the station, she’s told that she is part of the Liar Game.

This is the biggest change in the Liar Game series. Instead of being an underground tournament, the Liar Game is a television show. By television, I mean live studio audience, tons of lights and cameras, and a host by the named of Kang Do Young.

Kang Do Young use to be a financial analyst on a different station, but is now working with JVN. He also use to mention that the broadcasting station would go under, which seems a bit weird considering he’s now hosting a reality TV show for them. His reasoning is that even though the station is still in trouble, the show will help bring people to watch. Because nothing brings in viewers, like a game where people compete to win money.

Which is true.

The Liar Game is very much a television show. Da Jung is brought into the studio and we learn what s he went through.regarding the old woman and the money, was a test that only 50 people, including her, were able to pass and appear on the show. Then, through an audience vote, 10 people were disqualified and now only 40 spots remain.

Those 40 people who made it will participate in the Liar Game for a chance to win half a million dollars. Da Jung feels like she won’t be able to do well, since deceiving people isn’t in her nature nor does she feel like she’s smart enough to do so. Instead of encouraging her to stay, they leave it to a vote from the Internet audience. Should Da Jung continue, or should she be cut from the roster?

She does decide to stay and due to the producer of the show, makes a plea to her father which endears her to the fans of the show who will root for her to win. We always love our sob stories.

In terms of the first game, it’s the same as the original. Keep your money and take your opponents. With the added TV show, we get a quick explanation of the game that makes sense for the show and doesn’t feel out-of-place. Da Jung, like Nao, is also against her teacher and gets deceived.

Overall, this feels like Liar Game but also feels very different as well. I was worried that the changes would make me hate this, because I am a huge fan of the manga nad live action, but It was surprisingly good. I’m actually shocked by how much I like the TV show idea. I do wonder though, if it’s broadcast on TV and people in the news and social media are talking about it, wouldn’t that make the contestants kind of in danger? I mean, seeing as we know who they are, people might come to them and try to steal the money.

Da Jung is also a very different character from Nao. Yes, she’s still gullible and nice to a fault, but she does have a spunky side to her and is a hard worker.

Another difference that I liked was that instead of an agent of the Liar Game assisting and encouraging Da Jung to continue, the loan shark seems to be the one who will fit that role. It helps add to the relationship, since they both know each other and he’s protective of her. He’s also the one who introduces her to Professor Ha.

For the first episode, I think they did a great job. Even though I know what happens, I’m interested in seeing the changes they make.


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