First Impressions: Nobunaga Concerto (jdrama)

Nobunaga Concerto

My first thought was that while I think Oguri Shun is a fine actor, he looks 30 years old. Not that this is a bad thing, there’s nothing wrong with looking like you’re in your 30s. But he’s supposed to be playing Saburo, who is a high school kid.

He doesn’t look like a high school kid at all. He looks more like a NEET who is trying to relive his youth.

Now that this is out of the way, I want to start by saying that I’m glad that I get some more Nobunaga Concerto in my life. I still haven’t read the manga, which I’ll probably start on after this drama series is over, but I loved the anime.

I really loved the anime.

So naturally, I was looking forward to this. Even though there are some similarities to that anime, I mean they are based on the same manga, but it’s different enough to make this an entirely new experience. It’s kind of like how the anime and drama version of Sailor Moon was similar, but very different too.

One thing that I appreciated was an explanation of some of the plot points that the anime missed. Things like, Saburo learning to ride a horse, or why he accepted being Nobunaga so easily, were explained here.

The comedy and dramatic moments are nicely done. The scene when Saburo finds out that Kichou is his wife, he gets excited. She rejects him and they fight. Saburo learned an important lesson here, the one that just because you’re married you won’t get sex that easily. Kicho can’t stand him, which means he won’t be touching her anytime soon, but throughout the episode you could see that she was warming up to him. The scene was funny though.

Likewise, the dramatic scenes are wonderfully done as well. The ending with Nobuyuki doing seppuku and then getting killed was sobering and (pardon the pun) gut wrenching. I felt bad for everyone involved. For Nobuyuki having to resort to this, because of built up resentment. And for Saburo, who has to deal with a world where this is considered praiseworthy and normal.

Sometimes when we watch a historical piece, fiction or otherwise, there may be a thought that comes up saying, “Ah, life back then seems so much better than now. I wish I could be there.” Even though things were kind of easier back then, I think Nobunaga Concerto is doing a good job showing the realities of the warring states. It wasn’t a walk in the park. It might be exciting to read about, but its terrifying living in that era.

The plot, the writing, and the acting here were perfectly done and even though I still feel like Oguri looks a bit too old to be playing Saburo, he’s doing a phenomenal job with the role. Every feeling that he conveyed, I felt it, then again he is a fine actor, so this is to be expected.

Speaking of great actors, we didn’t get to see a lot from Yamada Takayuki, but I can’t wait until he plays a more prominent role in the series. I also learned that Kaho will be in this too, so I’m excited to see what she’ll bring to the table as Yuki. I’ve loved everything I’ve seen her in, so I don’t think this will be an exception. Nobunaga Concerto…it really has a fantastic cast, doesn’t it?

Overall, I expected great things from the live action of Nobunaga Concerto and I think it delivered on all fronts. If it continues like this, then this might be my favourite drama of the year.


6 thoughts on “First Impressions: Nobunaga Concerto (jdrama)

  1. clear

    I enjoyed it too, I’m glad Tsuneoki got so much depth here, but in my mind I kept thinking “this is not the Nobunaga Concerto I fell in love with”. I think it has some serious potential, seeing as they’re hinting they’re going to give some insight to the early life of “Mitsuhide” at the end.

    But this is definitely a different experience given with how wildly different Saburo is. Kichou too, and possibly the real Nobunaga given those comments by his wife and brother. (Faking his sickness and being really cold to Kichou?) I really don’t know how to feel about that, given these three made the anime for me.

    Def gonna continue watching, it did leave a strong impression in the second half.

    1. mochirochi Post author

      I had the same thoughts. In regards to faking being sick, I thought Nobunaga was sickly so maybe Nobuyuki thought he was faking but he really wasn’t? If he was, then it shows that Nobunaga runs away from problems like Saburo, so when they come together he may learn to be stronger through him?

      1. clear

        I thought so initially too, but Kichou made no mention about his sickness, and Nobunaga didn’t appear sickly in his appearances. His retainers didn’t even make note about him suddenly having a healthy body but weird mind, they just thought he had amnesia.

        I really hope I’m wrong and just looking too deeply into it.

        1. mochirochi Post author

          I guess her comment about him running away and being a coward makes more sense now. It kind of makes sense though, because he helps Saburo a lot so he wants the name Nobunaga to succeed, but he knows he can’t be the one to do it.

          It does add an interesting dynamic to his character though and make Nobuyuki look more sympathetic.


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