Recap: Karen Senki – 04

What is this? For some reason, this episode was actually good.

Karen Senki

Perhaps it was because there wasn’t a lot of pointless action and we finally got some plot! And maybe, just maybe, it’s because Karen was hardly shown.

The highlight of episode four was seeing a new member of Eleven do their thing, get defeated, and then showing us why they are awesome. I really liked the girl last time, even though I have no idea why she even showed up, and the new member here is just as fun.

But I’m jumping ahead of myself, here’s what happened in episode four.

In the last episode, Karen escaped her interview and is trying to make it outside. Machines stop her and, get this, she actually gets hit by a bullet. It’s only a scratch and not much, but at least it’s something.

Karen Senki

Then, she gets electrocuted by them too. Not once, but twice she was hit by the enemy! This may seem small, but it took four episode for us to get this far. It made me happy, even though she’s the main character.

When she’s electrocuted, she’s stuck and unable to move. Thankfully, the Butcher that Karen always goes to comes to her aid. He informs her that he’s also a member of Eleven and helps her escape, while he deals with the machines. He also tells her that his name is Sebastian. Not that it really matters though, because like the last member of Eleven, he’s quickly killed.

Karen Senki

Except, he’s not and out pops a small little okama. He then runs around until he gets back to his shop and finds a new body to occupy. Like the other Eleven member from the last episode, he really stole the show the moment he came on.

We also got to see a look into the machines and find out their goals and desires. According to their leader, Seek, wants to create a harmonious society.

The blond haired machine doesn’t like humans and wants to add them to the extinctt list. To him, humans are nothing. But to Seek, he knows that they need each other in order to build the ideal society. It won’t happen right away, but someday in the future it will. But, first the machines need to know what love is so that this beautiful world can happen.

Seek believes that in order to understand love, he has to encourage humans to evolve. In order to do that, you need to push them. If you add on what happened in the last episode, it makes sense why the machines keep going after Karen. When her sister died, they saw love and want to understand it better.

Karen (5)

The blond haired guy feels like Seek is being too soft on Karen and decides to kill her. Seek doesn’t feel like he’s being soft, but considering what he was just talking about I wonder if that’s why the machines keep missing her? Maybe Seek isn’t trying to kill her. Maybe in his own weird way, he’s just trying to make her stronger for the sake of the future and get a better insight on what love is. He does believe that in order for humans to evolve, they need to be beaten up a few times, so maybe that’s what he’s trying to do?

The last part of the episode is dedicated to Karen. Her guns don’t work, so she takes them in to get them fixed. Since she’s Karen, she’s attacked this time by bounty hunters. She doesn’t have her guns though, so the action is more hand to hand combat and pipe to skull hitting. I actually enjoyed this sequence and out of all of Karen’s fights, this one is my favourite. It doesn’t have as much action, since she’s is mostly running away, but the action that we do get is nice.

Karen Senki

It makes her feel more vulnerable and human, which I appreciated since we haven’t seen Karen like this. I’m all for her being a bad chick who is a killer fighter, but she always wins and never gets hit so the action sequences quickly get boring. At least here, you know that she’ll survive, but there’s that extra ‘unknown’ feeling that comes out more because she doesn’t have her trusty guns.

I still don’t know what is happening or why Karen’s sister showed up last time, but I actually found myself liking this episode. The members of Eleven seem awesome and the machines, especially Seek, have potential to be interesting. I still find Karen to me a weak point, but hopefully she gets developed more. At least with this episode she does kind of get hit, so there is some progress.


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