Day 13 – Anime Character You Are Most Similar To

I don’t think there’s a character that fits me 100% or even 70%, but there are characteristics from some that are very similar. For example Kuroko, from Kuroko no Basket, has the ability to hide his presence. It’s something he’s honed and perfected for his basketball career. I’m not a basketball person, but I feel like I have the same ability as Kuroko. In my family, we call it the ignoring ability…because for some reason I tend to get overlooked and ignored constantly….

It never benefited me in a game though and it’s mostly been a hindrance really. If I’m in a room, I’m able to come and go as I please without people noticing. And, if I’m not there, people think I am. The amount of times my parents turned off the lights when I’m still in the room….*sigh*

But, I’m not going to use Kuroko for this question. Instead, I’m going to go with Zoro from One Piece.

  1. Because I’ve been wanting to use a character from One Piece for a while now, but I’ve only seen a little bit of the anime. Even though they are technically anime characters, I wanted this challenge to remain pure and be only of characters that I’ve personally watched in an anime.
  2. Because it’s One Piece.

I’m not a fighter, like Zoro. I did karate instead of sword play. He loves alcohol, I can’t touch the stuff. He likes showing off his chest, and while it’s legal for me to do so here, I don’t think I ever would do that. So how do we relate to each other?

We both have no sense of direction.

I use to make fun of Zoro all the time for his horrible lack of direction. His ability to get lost time and time again is a running gag in One Piece and I couldn’t understand how someone could be that clueless. I mean, how can you get lost that easily?

Well, it wasn’t until I got my driver’s license and started driving places that I started to fully understand and appreciate Zoro. One day I went to a local library and decided to be a hero and take a different route back home. Somehow or another things happened and I ended up on the other side of the town.

I did realize that I made a wrong turn, so I turned into one area and tried to do a three-point turn, but the road was too small and there were cars behind me. I went into the neighbourhood and got even more lost. Don’t ask how. When I finally got free, I was supposed to go right, but went left….


Another time, I went downtown and because I of a few wrong turns, which to be fair were not my fault! I never realized how many “One Direction” signs were downtown, so I couldn’t go home the same way and had to find a new route. I did end up home, but I had to go to the other side of town first before I could do that.

Another time, I took a wrong turn and ended up in a different city. Luckily, I was able to get home because I found the road that I got lost on when I made the wrong turn at the library.

Another time I was trying to get to my aunt’s place, which is only a 10 minute drive, and ended up lost for 30 minutes. I eventually found the place, after 15 more minutes driving around.

Just the other day, I got lost in a neighbourhood and couldn’t find my way back home until 30 some minutes…

…there are countless of other times too and I even make the wrong turn when using google maps. The sad thing is that I’ve lived in my town since I was a little kid. I grew up here and yet, the moment I get behind the wheel and have to go somewhere that I’ve never been to I constantly get lost.

When I got lost at the library, I remember thinking to myself, “Ah, so this must be how Zoro feels like.”

Before you say anything, I know that there is GPS and it can work wonders for someone like me. It can, but for some reason it’s never work properly. If I use, through my phone, it just says “Recalculating…..Recalculating….Recalculating….” And then it stops working. Plus, if I ended up in another city, then there’s roaming fees and I’m not going to pay any roaming fees.

zoro lost

Ask for directions you say?

Well, if I was in another city I would do this, but I can’t really ask for directions when I’m in my hometown. That’s just embarrassing. If someone asks me, “Oh, whereabouts are you visiting from?” I’d have to say, “From down the street, I think? I’m actually from here, but I somehow got lost.” There’s no cool way of saying this so the other person doesn’t think you’re a complete idiot for getting lost in a city that you’ve lived in for 20 some years.

But you know, there is a good thing about this. You really start to value your home when you get lost. Every time it happens to me and I finally make it back, I’m incredibly thankful. And unlike Zoro, once I’ve been to a place via driving, I tend to remember it. A few times I didn’t, but for the most part I do!

It’s just hard…driving and remembering where to go. But at least I get to see some fun things, like cows and stuff.

Even though this trait is embarrassing and not something that really fits people’s image of me, it is what it is. I’d like to think of myself as a cool chick though, I just have a small problem with directions.


12 thoughts on “Day 13 – Anime Character You Are Most Similar To

  1. nikki

    This post brightened my day so much 😀 ’twas really funny and light-hearted, thanks for sharing your experiences 😀

    Speaking of GPS, imagine having one with Severus Snape’s voice 😀 I’ve always wanted that even though I don’t drive 😀

    1. mochirochi Post author

      Glad you liked it! Even though it’s troubling when I’m lost, the stories I get to tell afterwards makes up for it. 🙂

      Is there actually a GPS like that? I think if I had it, he’d just be insulting me the entire time. Kind of makes me want one now :p

      1. nikki

        a ‘free-from-insult’ Snape wouldn’t be much of a Snape, now, would he? hahahaha 😀

        I’m really not sure if there’s one out there, I only saw some posts on 9gag (if I remember well) but if you ever get one, please let me know, because I’d like one too 😀 even though I don’t drive…

          1. nikki

            You might like to use it if you ever travel with someone you don’t particularly like 😀 You’ll have a good time but they, on the other hand… *cough cough*

            gee, I sound evil O.o

  2. miharusshi

    Wow. Those moments sound incredible. 😀 I’d like to share my different experience regarding directions and ‘getting lost’ in town.

    I don’t go outdoors often. Although I am not fully familiar with my hometown, where I’ve been living all my life, I think that I am fairly good with directions or finding my way back home.

    For several weeks now, I’ve been working as a home tutor of a family friend’s niece, who’s been living in a nearby community. I always get there by having my dad drop me off his bike, and he always picks me up after the session. Going to and from that community, I’ve been familiar with the place somehow. One day, dad forgot to pick me up, so I decided to walk to the nearest highway to ride a public vehicle home. I enjoyed the walking roads I’ve never walked on before (even though I’ve traveled on them via vehicle). I didn’t get lost and I got the right track the first try.

    There was also this time when I decided to walk home from a nearby mall. I think it’s more than a kilometer away. It isn’t the route I normally take when I go to the mall. As I walked, I passed through some unfamiliar buildings and houses near the streets, but the more distant but more familiar buildings gave the clues away. So I still found my way back home. 😀

    I really like walking, especially when I’m in a not so familiar place. Of course, I only try to walk in day light. By walking, you can absorb so much more information about the places at the first try. But then, that only works for me if I have a clear picture of my destination and the place I’m going to leave.

  3. arriacross

    This is so hilarious. I often describe myself as having no sense of direction at all, but not like Zoro who gets lost on a straightway. Very interesting that you chose his characteristic of having no sense of direction as the one that you’re most similar to. I can’t stop laughing.

    1. mochirochi Post author

      For the longest time, I thought I was more similar to Robin since I like her sense of humour and I feel like mine is similar to hers. But the moment when I got lost, I really connected with Zoro. Then when it kept happening, I really felt a bond with him.

      Glad it made you laugh though!

      1. arriacross

        If you compare your sense of humour to that of Robin’s, then you must have a scary sense of humour, too.

        That’s so funny. Well, I think you should always use a GPS.

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