5-Line Recap: Terra Formars ep 4

Marcos vs cockroach - Terra Formars

Did you know that cockroaches hatch faster if they’re in a group as oppose to by themselves? Well now you know!

5-line Recap

  1. Sheila caught a cockroach and is praised by the Captain, then gets shanked.
  2. The crew members of Bugs 3 just learned the hard way that the cockroaches have done surgery and taken the powers from the Bugs 2 crew.
  3. Sheila tries to tell the Captain that she loves him, only she can’t because she’s dead. RIP Sheila.
  4. The medicine is out and the humans decide to get serious.
  5. Marcos goes on a cockroach killing frenzy while flashbacks of Sheila goes on.

Out of all of the episode I think this one was the strongest one. It still has its faults and some of the emotional scenes, mainly Sheila’s death, wasn’t as hard hitting as it was in the manga.

However, when Marcos is killing cockroaches left right and center as the flashbacks play on, I felt his pain more. The crying, the music, and seeing them as kids made me connect to them a lot more. The last scene too, when Sheila comes back from the party and teases Alex and Marcos, was nice to see because I feel like the friendship of Alex-Marcos-Sheila got shafted in favour of her love of the Captain.

We know that they joined together and were childhood friends, but not much was shown of their friendship.

That being said, I still wish we saw these things before Sheila died. I think her death would have had more feeling if it did.


I wonder how those who have only wtached this anime, and not the OVA or read the manga, feel about the cockroach power stealing reveal? I remember feel blown away about it when it was revealed in the manga and hoping that the Captain would meet the cockroach who has his girlfriend’s powers.

This reveal made me liked the cockroaches, because it showed how smart, resourceful, and terrifying they truly were. It also made this mission a lot more deadly, because if a crew member dies, then they have to make sure that the cockroaches don’t find the body. If they did, then it would be even worse for team human.

But when I look at this from an anime perspective, the reveal was somewhat lost on me. They do explain the signficance of it, which I was thankful for, but it doesn’t have the same impact as before.

On the plus side, watching Marcos go nuts was my favourite part of the episode. No black bars for the cockroaches, so everything was shown in its full glory. I guess Japan isn’t okay with humans being killed, or bears, but alien cockroaches are fair game.

Terra Formars

I also think that the epsiode was the best one so far and I’m looking forward to the next few fights that come up. I’m still nervous about a few of the reveals that will eventually show up. Hopefully…hopefully they make it shocking and not lacklustre.

Ah, Terra Formars! You keep making me excited to see what’s to come, but somewhat disappointed when it finally happens. I have high hopes for the mars expedition and seeing as how things started to slow down, I’m going to assume that the series is finally starting now. I’ll ignore the last three episodes and start judging the series from this moment onwards.

It’s still not amazing, but it can be….it better be.


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