Thoughts: Bad Guys episode 2

Normally, I wait for episode 3 or 4 before starting to do recaps or thoughts about an episode. That way, it gives me time to figure out if the show is the one for me. However, after watching Bad Guys last night and finding subs for this episode, I could resist and decided to recap it. Hopefully it doesn’t let me down and continues to be awesome for the next 9 episodes.

Tae-Soo from Bad Guys

“The smell of blood. Because he likes the smell of blood. That’s why he kills people.That’s also why he kills on rainy days. When it rains, the smell of blood will be stronger, so his compulsion is harder to resist.
Rainy Days. The smell of blood. The urge to kill.”

With the first episode, two deaths happened on rainy nights. I initially thought this was due to aesthetics, because rainy scenes always look nice, but it turns out that this is part of the criminals M.O. This also means that the killer could also be connected to the death of Gu-Tak’s daughter, since she died in the rain as well.

Last episode, Jung-Moon escaped in order to seek out the girl who he loved, but apparently also tried to kill. The crew of misfits had to go find him, before dealing with the serial killer case.

In the beginning of this episode, Tae-Soo, who still looks fabulous in a suit, escapes in order to find a girl who saved him once upon a time. Even though he keeps his distance from her, he’s been trying to take care of her ever since she helped him on that day. That doesn’t last long though and by the ten minutes mark, this is all over and the criminals go out to investigate, because the serial killer has struck again.

It’s interesting to see the ways the criminals tried to solve the crimes. Woong-Cheol took over a gang and has them helping him. It’s through this that he figured out who the killer is right away. The way it happened seemed so easy and Gu-Tak basically said, “Don’t arrest innocent people.” But he did get it right.

Tae-Soo visualizes how the crime happened and also some of the characteristics of the killer as well. Like how they’re shorter than 170cm (5’7). And Jung-Moon is able to figure out the motive after looking at the crime scene and reading the reports. He also figures out that the serial killer has killed more than 9 people.

I did find it odd that the three were allowed to roam free and investigate. Tae-So0 also had access to a bunch of different knives and even though he’s a rational guy who thinks before he does anything, he’s still a murderer who is looking at a bunch of knives. I guess this is a testament to Gu-Tak, because another criminal could have seen those knives and decided to have some fun too.

Also, considering that there’s been a lot of women who have been killed I found it odd that they’d continue to do so, especially those who were attacked before. I know that if this happened in my city, my parents would keep me on lock down and I wouldn’t be able to move as freely as before.


Considering the premise of the show, you do have to suspend your disbelief in cases like these. It won’t ever make sense, but in their world it does so I’m willing to go with it. The best part was watching these criminals come up with the MO of the criminal. They still don’t see each other as teammates, which meant that they were withholding certain information. It wasn’t done for cruel purposes though, but because they want to solve the case before the others. The reduced sentence is only given to the one who solves it, so the competition here is making them thinking themselves only. I’m assuming that as the series goes on, they’ll learn the value of teamwork and actually help each other out.

In terms of the case, Gu-Tak devises a trap for the killer and while he does succeed in his goal, it does feel dirty. The ends justify the means with him and even though he’s actually my favourite character in the show, what he did to manipulate Tae-Soo and how he got another person arrested was kind of mean. I don’t mind that he screwed with the actual serial killer, but hurting the other two and having another female almost killed was a pretty crappy way to solve everything.

Then again, Tae-Soo is also a killer, so should I feel bad that he got played? Gu-Tak also did it as a learning tool for Tae-Soo to not take victims so lightly. Every life is important and special, but he still toys with people in order to get the results he wants. Value the life of others, but do anything in order to save them, even if it means manipulating a few people and doing bad things.

The killer is caught and Jung-Moon is in charge of interrogation, again this would never happen but just go with it, and the crew find out that the serial killer didn’t kill 23 people but only 22. Everyone is confused by this and the serial killer just says, “You got the wrong murderer.”


When I heard this, I laughed, because catching a murderer is still better than nothing, but it’s also true here. Plus, when would you ever hear someone ever say something like that? The reveal is nice, because it’s only two episodes and things can’t be over this quickly. Unfortunately for the three criminals, they’re escorted away and brought back to prison since their current job is done.

Don’t worry, looks like they’re back in the next episode. But I wonder if this new murderer takes the characteristics of a serial killer and kills like them, but only once. No one would know it was him/her, but they’d still get their kicks in killing. They’d have to be well versed in the murders that are happening though.

Imagine if it’s revealed that a member of the police is actually the main “bad guy” in this show. Not only that, but they’re also connected to Gu-Tak, his daughter, and the three criminals. If this happens, this could be pretty exciting. A true cat and mouse sort of game.

You still have to suspend your disbelief in this show, but the first two episodes have been really great. If this does well, we might even get a sequel of some sorts…as long as no one dies in the process.

It’s still good though and different from what I’m use to, so I’m enjoying this.


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