5-Line Recap – Time Spiral ep 7

time spiral


We’re nearing the end of Time Spiral with one more episode left, who will be the one to die in order for Mami to live? It seems like Natsuki is the one that needs to be sacrificed, but will she?

5-line Recap:

  1. Kentaro confronts Tatsumi and tells him never to hurt Natsuki.
  2. Mami gets into a traffic accident
  3. At the hospital, Natsuki tells Kentaro that her panic attacks is fate’s way of telling her that she should have died back then, but it’s fine because she’ll fend for herself.
  4. Natsuki’s mom plans to tell everyone about the fraud she committed with the Noise Drug.
  5. Natsuki realizes that time isn’t in two  parallel time lines, but in a spiral (as depicted in the picture above) – this means that no matter what Tatsumi does, Mami will always die, because Natsuki was allowed to live in the beginning.

Natsuki says that the only way to stop the spiral is to let her die in the kidnapping. Throughout the episode, especially when she was talking to Kentaro, it seemed like she accepted her fate and is willing to die, but I’m a bit confused by this. When she died the first time around, her mom and Mami both ended up dying. This was the main reason why Tatsumi went back in time and saved her in the first place. If he lets her die, I’m not sure how that will solve everything.

I have a feeling like the ending will be happy and everyone will live. Initially, I thought that Tatsumi would be the one who ends up dying, but this episode kind of makes me feel like good things will happen. That feeling could change while watching the next episode though.

One thing did make me laugh while watching this. We saw a flashback of Tatsumi telling Natsuki that she’d fall in love with him. When I first saw this I thought it was way too forward and kind of creepy. I still do, but who knew that would be the ultimate pick up line? Natsuki seems like she’s head over heels in love with him and is willing to die if it means helping him.

If that can work, then anything can.

Anywho, one more episode left. I’m curious to see how everything plays out and finding out who will die and who gets to live.


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