Day 9 – Best Anime Villain

There’s too many to choose from, but I think my favourite kind is the one who trolls the heroes. Aizen from Bleach, I know others won’t agree, but he was great because he was like the ultimate troll. Madara is also great for this reason too. The fact that he can easily beat people, but likes to toy with them just because he can. And then when he’s feeling good, he flashes his chest and shows off Hashirama.

Hidan is also one of my favourites. He was the weakest member of Akatsuki, he had a huge ego, a big mouth, but he was so entertaining.

I suppose I could also say everyone who is part of the Zvezda crew. I mean, they’re all technically villains, even though you’re rooting for them. But then again, the main villain was Asuta’s dad and Yasu. Stupid Yasu….

And then there is Johan from Monster, who is so charming, so suave and so cool, but not someone you ever want to meet, because if you do you’ll die. It’s not even a question of “if” but “when.”

But in my opinion, what makes a good villain has to be someone who trolls the best, provides the best entertainment, has an awesome catch phrase, and can strike a mean pose. Oh, and he also has to be voiced by Koyasu Takehito.

When you consider all of these things, there’s only one real answer. It has to go to my main man Dio Brando from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

I mean, look at that glorious pose as Dio blocks Zeppeli’s punch.

Look at how he looks at that rose and admires its beauty, while he casually kills people.

Look at he laughs as he walks through the fire, looking like the awesome villain that he knows he is!

Dio uses kick, it's super effective

Look at how he kicks…actually, this is pretty horrible and I actually gasped when I saw this because it was so bad. But horrible things, like this, is what a villain does and by golly is Dio Brando a fabulous villain.

Everything about him is glorious, truly and utterly spectacular. He’d probably kill me in a heartbeat though and that wouldn’t be okay, but in the context of this post let’s just say that it is, because Dio Brando is my favourite anime villain.



12 thoughts on “Day 9 – Best Anime Villain

    1. mochirochi Post author

      Not lame at all. I never really knew about it until the 2012 anime came out, but I became and instant fan from it. It’s amazing though, so now you have another one to add to your “To Watch” list. 😀

      1. miharusshi

        That’s true; I’ve just added it to my “to watch” list. I’ve been hearing good things about it and I’m getting the GAR vibes from the images. GAR is, aside from mecha, recently becoming my thing. XD

          1. miharusshi

            It started in 4chan. Instead of “gay”, it was mistyped “gar”. The term now refers to series which have several characters too manly for male audiences, making them feel “gay” for these characters.

          2. mochirochi Post author

            In that case, there’s strong gar vibes from this. The manliness of the characters is sometimes too much to handle.

            What other gar animes have made you feel this way, seeing as how this is your thing now?

          3. miharusshi

            The art style, color palettes, and character designs (those angular, but muscular features) in Jojo’s truly gives the gar vibes. 🙂

            I was initially unaware that I already had some entries which would qualify as gar anime, but my interest in this anime subgroup grew when I watched Hajime no Ippo. I really loved the first series.

            HnI is, for me, the best example of how a brutal sports anime should be executed. The colors, camera angles, lighting, sakuga at the intense moments that highlight a special attack, voice acting, music…. (let’s say, almost everything –coz I had a problem with how short the characters appear due to their bulky muscles, yeah) were made exceptionally well. The manliness in the characters were communicated. Takamura is the most notable “gar” character in the series. He’s one of the most amusing manly characters in anime I’ve ever seen. 🙂

            And then, MAL says I’ve already watched 34 of this type of shows, which include Baccano!, Black Lagoon (yeah, gun fights and chase scenes), Fate/zero (Emiya Kiritsugu is darkly manly), Giant Killing, Rurouni Kenshin, Samurai 7, and TTGL.

            TTGL is probably what most anime enthusiast will think of when “gar” is mentioned. I mean, that famous tagline…

          4. mochirochi Post author

            When you put it like that, I guess I’ve seen my fair share of gar animes too. Since Rurouni Kenshin is included, I guess this means that Bishie characters can also be considering gar due to how they act, right?

          5. miharusshi

            I’m quite skeptical about RuroKen’s classification as gar anime, because Kenshin’s more enduring character was his kindness, with his swear of note killing again as his way of atonement. But, well, most of the time the anime was filled with action, so Kenshin often acted as his “serious” self (reminiscent of his Battousai character). Battousai was badass, and every time Kenshin had something to fight for, he was way too badass despite how gentle he looked.

            Yes, bishounen characters can be regarded as gar characters, as long as they have their gar moments. 🙂
            But I think that itself is not enough to make an anime “gar”. Ruroken was also filled with other gar characters–Sanosuke, Saito Hajime, and Shishio Makoto. I’d like to think that those deadly fight scenes are a crucial aspect in gar anime.

          6. mochirochi Post author

            I have a confession. I’ve never really watched Kenshin. I’ve seen clips from when my siblings watched it and I loved Seta Sojiro and Shishio, but the only full episode that I actually watched was the picture taking one. I did watch Samurai X though.

            I guess I’m the lame one now lol.

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