Day 8 – Favourite Anime Couple

Ah, I’m late. I usually schedule these to go out at in the morning, but I guess I forgot to do that last night.

My favourite couple?

A couple that I loved?

A couple that I rooted for and wanted them to stay together?




I suppose I can steal from the answer yesterday and go with Kobeni and Hakuya, but even though I thought they were cute together and liked the characters, I don’t think they’re my favourite. I can’t say Goku or ChiChi either, because while they were good together Goku was an absent parent. He was dead for some of it, but he was still gone a lot.

This is hard!

I don’t know if I even have one, to be honest. But after thinking about it, I’ve come down to two couples. I would have went with three, but I no longer watch Naruto and never saw the flashback of Minato and Kushina. If I did, they’d be included here.

Miria and Isaac

In number 2: Miria and Isaac from Baccano!

They’re funny, they’re smart, and they always have really awesome costumes/disguises. The pair of stupid thieves, that actually get away with it a number of times, is great entertainment. There’s no drama with them and they’re completely in sync with one another which was refreshing to see. Come to think of it, Baccano! had a number of good couples. AH! It also has Clare, who is one of my favourite male…anime…characters….I guess it’s too late to add him to that category.

Hachi Shiou bagged

In number 1: Hachi Shiou and Roka’s bag

Sure, he might have said that Roka captured his heart, but it’s clear that the bag is his main love interest. Such a lovely couple. I would have picked Ataru and Chitose’s foot, but this couple seems a lot nicer.


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