Crunchyroll to Stream Uncensored Terraformars Anime

Media service Crunchyroll announced at its uncensoredTerraformars anime screening at New York Comic Con on Saturday that it will stream this uncensored version “at a later date TBA.” The service has been streaming the same censored version that broadcast stations in Japan have been airing (with obscured scenes of violence) since September 26.

The story of YÅ« Sasuga and Kenichi Tachibana‘s original, graphically violent manga begins in the year 2577, hundreds of years after scientists sent cockroaches and mold to terraform Mars. However, when the first manned ships land on Mars, they encounter large humanoid cockroaches with great strength, and are wiped out. Humanity then sends elite warriors to Mars to eliminate the cockroaches.


A lot of people have been complaining about the censorship in Terra Formars. Even though it’s ridiculous and really knowing to have the action removed from you, I still don’t get the backlash considering that this is Japan. They’re very strict when it comes to airing violent things like this on TV.

That being said, it is incredibly annoying because you’re missing all of the major scenes. Once the uncensored version goes up, I think people will start liking this again. The only problem is that the story has been watered down and that’s my biggest problem with the anime. All of the character building has gone out the window in favour of the violence, but the violence is censored so viewers get shafted on both fronts.

There is a plus side to the censorship though. I think more people are checking out the manga because of it, which is a great thing because the manga is absolutely fantastic! And it’s because of this that I’m incredibly disappointed by the anime so far. Hopefully it gets better. I think the streaming the uncensored version is a good move on Crunchyroll’s part though, because once that’s gone more people will check it out and enjoy it.

censor terra formars

On a completely unrelated note. There’s a fruit fly that keeps bugging me. It’s only one, but it’s really getting to me. I normally don’t mind them, but it’s October in Canada and cold out and I’ve left the window open. How is it still flying around? Maybe it’s sad that all of its friends are gone and they’re all alone now. Maybe, by bugging me, it is remembering the better times when everyone was together and bugging me. 😦

I wasn’t planning on killing it, but now I feel sad about its life.

On another unrelated note, this is my 100th post! Woo!


2 thoughts on “Crunchyroll to Stream Uncensored Terraformars Anime

  1. stuffies12

    Ugh…I dropped this right after the first episode because of this terrible censoring. That, and the story wasn’t that engaging in the first place. It just seems like another promotional anime to raise manga sales.

    1. mochirochi Post author

      Even though I know it’s bad, it still hurts when I see/hear others dropping this. The censorship is one thing, but they skipped a lot of stuff involving character development and plot points. As a manga reader I can fill it in myself, since I know the back story, but for new viewers it’s just bad. A shame too, because I was really hyped for this. 😦


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