Recap: Sword Art Online II – 14.5

A recap of a recap!

Instead of going into the next arc, we have a recap episode narrated by Shino. If you’ve been watching the series, then you don’t really need to watch this episode. In any case, here are my thoughts on the recap!

sao (2)

I liked that they mentioned that Shino had PTSD, because that is a pretty serious issue. I still think her scene when she shot the robber was pretty boss. It did make me wonder what was wrong with her mom though. When the gun was pointed at her, Shino quickly took action. However, the same can’t be said when Shino is being attacked. Her mom just sits there and then gives her daughter a horrified look. I would think that even in a dangerous situation like that, the mom would have jumped in. I remember when I first saw this scene; I initially thought that Shino killed her mom, which would explain why her symptoms are so bad. So when she just killed the robber, I was confused as to why she was freaking out that badly.

sao (3)

I mean, yes it’s a horrible thing to kill someone. But for everyone to be making her life horrible because she saved her mom and a store filled with people always seemed weird to me. If she was my kid, I’d be thanking her and telling her that while she shouldn’t do something stupid like that in real life again, I love that she protected me and saved everyone. I’d then tell her that she’s a hero and she might get a book deal or show up on Ellen or something. I dunno, but I do know that I would act like she’s tainted or dirty for saving my life.

Apparently, drugs and therapy didn’t work. I guess that answers my question. I always wondered why Shino didn’t just go to therapy to deal with her problems. Sure, it is SAO and Kirito is the cure to all things, but some therapy might have helped her.

sao (1)

In games, when you have to change clothes they usually happen automatically. I wonder why GGO made it that you have to strip to your underwear? Plot purposes, I know. But I wonder how many guys picked girl avatars just to see some breasts? I mean, SAO’s first arc did have guys pretending to be girls. Why couldn’t the same happen here?

If the Black Star type 54 was able freak out Shino that much, I wonder how she was able to learn about it in the first place? I mean, she says that not only holding guns but looking at pictures of them is enough to trigger her PTSD, so when did she learn about the gun? Not in the game. Maybe? But when Death Gun held it, she freaked out, so I don’t think she learned it there.

We get the attempted rape scene, but thankfully it doesn’t last long. Shino realizes in the end that Sinon and Shino are the same person and that it will take time to get over her trauma, but the world is so kind so by the next episode she’ll be fine.

The next arc will be the Calibur arc, which is only three episodes so I think it’s a side quest sort of thing. Then the Mother’s Rosario Arc, which I heard good things about. Unlike all the other arcs, Mother’s Rosario  is told in Asuna’s point of view. Since the first arc, I feel she got shafted even though she’s such an important character. Not only that, but Suguha and Shino showed up and we got to see them shine and deal with things, while Asuna was in the background.


3 thoughts on “Recap: Sword Art Online II – 14.5

    1. mochirochi Post author

      Which is a shame though, because they did spend quite a bit of time on the romance in the first arc of the show. But in the second arc, we’re mostly told that Kirito loves her even though she’s comatose most of the time. The show then decided to bring in Suguha who is alive and also capable. Then here, Kirito gets close to Shino and only calls Asuna a friend when he introduces the two of them. It just seems weird. Other characters get proper development and time with him, but not Asuna who is his number one girl. I think for that reason, I’m looking forward to the Mother’s arc since it’s all about her.

      1. miharusshi

        I haven’t gotten past the Phantom Bullet arc yet, so I’m also looking forward to what this anime has in store for me-who-demands-the-anime-characters-to-redeem-themselves.


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