First Impressions: Peter no Soretsu (jdrama)

Another new drama popped up.

Funeral Procession of Peter

Peter no Soretsu (Funeral Procession of Peter)

Synopsis: Saburo Sugimura works for the PR department of a company which his father-in-law runs. his job is to edit the company newspaper.

One day, on the bus, Saburo Sugimura faces a hijacking attempt by an older person with a handgun. The police enter the bus, but the handgun goes off by accident and the hijacker dies. All the hostages are safe. The case seems solved, but the real mystery begins. The passengers and bus driver are due to receive compensation from the deceased hijacker.

I only read the first part of the description before watching the show, so when the hijacker dies I wasn’t expecting it. In fact, I felt kind of sad, since he seemed like a nice guy.

In terms of what happens in the first episode, it’s pretty much exactly as the description reads. A few people enter a bus and as they are enjoying their ride, a man gets up and declares that he’s hijacking the bus. Technically, he gets up and waves his gun, but the message is implied.

The hostages are confused though, because the hijacker never mentions what he wants until the very end but promises that they’ll all be compensated for being here. The thing I found interesting was despite the fact that this is a hijacking and should be a high tense situation, everyone is pretty mellow. The hostages joke with him and he calms everyone down. Yes, he does threaten them, but you never feel like he’s ever going to kill anyone.

This might seem boring to some, but I the dynamic of this was really interesting to watch. I’ve watched my fair share of police procedural dramas so I thought I’d be on the edge of my seat, but somehow you’re forced to accept the pace of the hijacker and just wait.

Like I said before, I didn’t read the full description so when the hijacker is killed and everyone is saved I was shocked. But before he died he mentioned three people that he wanted to find. Even though the hostages are probably happy to be free, I think they’ll want to know more about what the hijacker wanted. I know I do. What is it about these three people that made him want to hijack a bus and be caught? It doesn’t make sense.

In any case, I really liked what  I saw from Peter no Soretsu. I don’t know how many episodes this will have, but I feel like it will be a short series. I want to know what happens next, so I’m eagerly anticipating the next episode!


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