Day 4 – Favourite Female Anime Character Ever

A bit late with this one, even though this has been the easiest question so far.

Initially, I was going to go with my main girl, Nico Robin from One Piece. She’s cool, smart, mysterious, and has an awesome sense of humour. Then I remembered that I’ve never really watched the anime when she was there. I’ve seen clips, but I can’t really say “I’ve seen Nico Robin in her anime form.” When it came to One Piece, I think I made it 20 episodes, before realizing that I had 500 episodes to go…so I quit. I was already reading the manga anyways, so I thought it would be okay.

I suppose I could still use Robin, since she is an anime character, but I want to keep it to characters that I’ve actually seen in anime. Sadly, Robin wouldn’t fit the bill here.

So, I’ll go with my other girl.


Chi-Chi from Dragon Ball/Z/GT

What’s not to love about this loveable, but strong human? Wait, before you answer that, hear me out first.

I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I loved Chi-Chi. Sure she nags a lot. And yes, she’s a bit overprotective. And okay, her hot-tempered nature does get her in trouble. I’ll give you all that, but she’s strong, knows what she wants, and had enough balls to go up and slap kid Buu.

Sure she died, but she died like a Boss!

I know a lot of people don’t really like her, because she nagged and was super strict with Gohan, but it kind of makes sense. Goku isn’t really in the picture much. He’s off fighting and dying and fighting some more, so Chi-Chi really has to pick up the slack and raise her kids. She knows the hardships of fighting, so she wants Gohan to have a better life.

As someone who came from an immigrant family, this made sense. My parents constantly pushed academics in my household, because they wanted my siblings and I to have a better life than them. I think Chi-Chi simply wanted the same with Gohan as well. Once she has another child, she does calm down a bit, but her over-bearing ways does make sense.

I don’t think she ever wanted Gohan to stop fighting. She knows how strong he is and knows that he needs to be out there, but she’s also a mother and wants him to be safe and have a better life. It was exaggerated a bit in the anime though. From what I’ve read, she’s a lot better in the manga and subs as oppose to the English dub that many of us grew up with.

Like Yamcha, I do feel she got a bit shafted in Z and GT. Everyone just got so overpowered, but the humans always remained the same. Despite this, Chi-Chi still had her strengths. Not only with slapping Buu, but she was a strong mother and raised her kids right. That’s pretty amazing.

Some may say, “But she became a housewife, so she’s boring now.” But that’s what she always wanted, so what’s the problem here? She’s awesome and a housewife. She clearly loves her family and wants the best for them, so what’s not to love from that?

That’s not to say that she doesn’t have her annoying moments. She does, but I still like her. She’s flawed, but she’s cool too. But she didn’t get much to do in Z, but it’s okay. At least she wasn’t like Yamcha…poor guy. He really got it bad compared to all the other humans.

Now I’m feeling depressed over what happened to him. Poor guy… 😦


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