Naruto Manga to End in 5 Weeks

According to AnimeNewsNetwork, Naruto will end in 5 weeks with the final chapter being in the November 10th issue of Shounen Jump. I think everyone knew that it was going to end soon, so this isn’t really a surprise. All of the major story lines are done and Kishimoto only has one more thing left to do, so five chapters is more than enough time to wrap everything up.

I’m going to miss Naruto and it’s going to be weird not seeing it in the weekly rankings. One of the big three is leaving and Bleach is soon to follow. I haven’t heard anything about One Piece yet, but I’ll be bummed if that is ending soon. I don’t see how it can though, there’s still so much story left. Even though it’s not Shounen Jump, Fairy Tail also feels like it’s ending soon. I haven’t heard anything, but it’s just a feeling I have.

Everything is ending this year though. 😦

Anyways, since Naruto is ending in five weeks, here’s a list of my top five favourite moments!

5. Who is Tobi? Is it Obito? No, that can’t be right. It’s too obvious. Tobi isn’t Obito!


This was actually pretty funny, sure it technically has nothing to do with the manga/anime and more with the fandom, but it was still one of my favourite things that happened. When Tobi first showed up, everyone immediately noticed the hole in his mask and correctly assumed that Tobi must be Obito. But, it couldn’t be that obvious right? I mean, we did get a chapter about Kakashi’s past and knew about Obito and what happened to him.

So fans started to say, “That can’t be possible! It’s too obvious! Tobi has to be someone else!”

Speculation after speculation came out and people argued about this topic to death. The simple reason was because people just couldn’t believe that it could be this obvious. Plus, it was hard to believe that at 16ish Obito was able to take down Minato. But then Kishimoto revealed the truth and the reaction wasn’t one of shock and awe, but “Eh? Really?” It was funny.

I personally liked Tobi, but unfortunately couldn’t stand Obito. Every time he “dies” keeps popping up….that might have been a spoiler for those who only watch the anime, so I’m going to go to number four now.

4. Naruto SD: Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden


What? Are you saying this isn’t part of Naruto? Pfft! If Naruto hadn’t happened, we would never have had the awesomeness of Naruto SD. Out of all of the spoof spin offs that Shounen Jump did, this one was gold. Team Gai going on adventures, solving problems, and making me laugh is a great thing. Some may not like it because the characters were too over the top and acted stupid, but I loved it.

It did end though, but not to worrry. Kenji Taira, who is also an assistant for Kishimoto, does have a new gag series out called Sasuke Uchiha no Sharingan Den. I wonder if Sasuke will be like Neji, serious but funny?

3. Chunin Exam Arc


What a fun arc this was! We got to see everyone showing off their skill and meet a lot of different characters that would be important later on. Seeing all of the different powers and fights was a joy to watch.

It had everything that makes a great arc. Character growth, fun fights and match ups, a villain who actually looks like he could do some damage and making characters question themselves. I believe this was one of the longer arcs too, so that worked in its favour. As someone who is a fan of the other rookies, like Shino, it was nice seeing them fight and do their stuff, like Shino….I was just happy that Shino got to do things before being ignored again.

This was also one of the few times that I could tolerate Sasuke. I’ve never really be a fan of his, but here he was good.

2. Invasion of Pain Arc


The amount of people who died was crazy! They were revived in the end, but everything leading up to the arc and thing that occurred was crazy. I’m not even into couple ships, but Hinata even stepped up and told Naruto how she felt. Granted, he completely ignored her afterwards, but still. Does matter, as she got worked, Kakashi and Jiraiya died, and his home is in destroyed.

All of this was a bit much for Naruto and he goes all six tails on Pain. In the manga, this was freaking sweet. In the anime, I don’t really know what happened but it did look pretty horrible. During all of this mayhem, one of my favourite characters shows up. Minato.

Some Talk no Jitsu happens here, but unlike the other times here it felt right.

The greatest thing too was that the entire village cheered for him. It was touching, especially considering everything he went through. Having everyone finally acknowledge him was beautiful.

1. Team Asuma vs. the Zombie duo, Hidan and Kakuzu


By far this is my favourite moment in Naruto. We got to see another team do something and a major character died. It was the first time there was any consequences for any of the teams, so it was beautiful. I loved the Zombie duo and even though I liked Asuma and actually teared up when he died, I was pleased that Kishimoto went there.

I think what I liked even more was that another team got to shine and we got to see Shikamaru do his thing. He was great and proved what a great leader he could be. After this arc ended, I was hoping we’d see more from Shino, Kiba, and Hinata…but mostly Shino, but it never happened. It’s okay though. It’s okay.


Naruto ending is a pretty big deal. I mean, it’s been going on for 15 years. That’s huge! Even though I did have some problems here and there, I can honestly say that I enjoyed Naruto and will miss reading it. Congratulations to Kishimoto for delivering a great series and seeing it completed!

Hopefully after he takes some time to rest, he’ll come back with another amazing series!


5 thoughts on “Naruto Manga to End in 5 Weeks

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