Yu JaeSeok’s I am a Man – 나는 남자다

When it comes to kdramas, it’s pretty much hit or miss with me, but I can’t get enough of their variety shows. Things like Running Man, Infinity Challenge, and 1 Night 2 Days were great! Well, I’m not sure about 1 Night 2 Days at the moment, I use to watch it with the original cast but then some scandals hit and some of the members left.

When it comes to newer variety shows, I was watching Roommates, but then the most interesting person left due to a scandal. Then almost everyone else left as well. The second season looks promising, but we’ll see how it is. I just hope the producers edit the show better. There were so many clips and teasers that never came into fruition.  And if they did, it happened many many many episodes after the initial teaser. I have a feeling the same thing will happen this season, but I really hope not.

Thankfully, KBS decided to bring out a different kind of variety show with Yu JaeSeok as the main MC. I am a Man is funny. It’s doing horrible in the ratings and might not get a second season after they finish their 20 episode run, but I really like it.

Every week, they bring a group of men to the studio that fits a certain theme and then talk to them. The last episode was about men with unusual names. As someone who isn’t originally from Canada, my name is a bit unusual to the people here. So I thought they would have names similar to my own and that’s what made them different.

Boy was I wrong!

You get someone with a name like Penis King and Sexual Problem. It was awesome. I don’t know why they would name their kids that, but the men here seemed have fun about the entire thing.

There are some problems, but I do find the show quite entertaining as a whole. It is kind of funny that despite the title of the show and the disclaimer that it’s meant for men, women make up the majority of the viewers.


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