Teaser for Liar Game

Ever since I found out about the new kdrama remake of Liar Game, I’ve been going through two feelings.

1. Excitement!

It’s Liar Game. I absolutely loved the jdrama, which got me reading the manga and that’s even better. This is kind of embarrassing, but during a mass reading of the manga I had a dream about Akiyama…it was mostly me saying that Akiyama is my baby’s daddy. It was a strange dream….he never even showed up though, but I just knew….


Anyways, the manga and drama have some similarities, but tons of differences as well. They’re both great in their own way though, so a new version to add on to the list is pretty exciting. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way about a kdrama.

2. Nervousness….

I use to be a big fan of kdramas. Huge! However, I started to notice something strange. It seemed like every kdrama that came out was a romantic comedy and each one kind of followed the same formula. There were other dramas out there that held my interest, like White Christmas, but shows like that came few and far between.

I mention this, because I’m afraid that there will be romance in the Liar Game. I’m hoping there isn’t. I just want a fun psychological mind game, without any lovey dovey business in between.

It’s okay if there are hints or eye glances here and there, I can live with that, but please no romance!


This version does sound interesting though. Unlike the original, which had the games set up on the down low, here it’s a reality show. That’s a pretty fun twist, so I’m more excited than nervous for this version of Liar Game.

Liar Game will air on tvN, Mondays and Tuesdays starting on October 20th. Only 10 episodes for this one, which is actually a good thing for me. I feel like if it was the typical 16 episode run, things may get lost in the details.

My hype meter is pretty sky high. Hopefully this doesn’t disappoint!

Once the show airs, I’ll do recaps of it. Can’t wait for this to start!


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