Sword Art Online II – Episode 14

Episode 14 of Sword Art Online II marks the end of the Phantom Gun arc. At least, I think it did. Like episodes 2 and 3 of the series, this one focused more on Sinon and her struggles. For the most part, I thought this episode was quite good. It flowed well and we got to see Sinon actually doing things in the real world, without running back to GGO.


After Kirito rushes in to save Sinon last week, many were wondering what would happen. Spoiler Alert, everyone gets saved. But it’s not Kirito who does the saving.

Once Kirito goes into hero mode, he quickly gets overpowered and punched a few times.

Kirito punched

Then gets hit with the syringe that stops the heart and lungs.

Syringe SAO

Before, I might have said, “Eh? Why didn’t be bring back up? Asuna was with him, surely she could have come and helped him out.” But then I remembered it’s Kirito and that help doesn’t really fit into his hero complex.

Thankfully, Sinon is there and saves the day.


Thankfully, Kirito is okay too. The syringe hit one of the electrodes for his heart monitors, so he lives! We find this out while his shirt is up and Shinon is sitting close to him. At this point I did wonder why he didn’t mention his girlfriend, but oh well. So many mixed signals for Shinon. I feel bad for her. Maybe even more so than Suguha in the last arc.

Shinon & Kirito

At least with Suguha, she knew about Asuna and tried to find someone else. It just turned out to be Kirito in the end. With Sinon, she doesn’t know about Asuna and has gotten pretty close to Kirito already. He’s not only saved her, but been a good friend as well. Kirito also has allowed her to lay her head on his lap, cried with him, and now he’s in her room exposing his stomach/chest.

It’s obvious that Sinon likes him, I just wonder why he doesn’t say anything about Asuna at this point. He may not realize that he’s leading her on and sending signal after signal to her, but come on. If he ever finds out that Sinon likes him, I wonder if he’ll change a bit considering this is the third time someone fell for him in the game world.

I also wonder why SAO keeps doing this. We know that Asuna and Kirito are an item. The majority of last season was about their love and they even got married and had a kid. Yet, after the SAO arc, Suguha was introduced and immediately was shown pining for him. Asuna was hardly around. Now with GGO and the Phantom Arc, Asuna is once again placed on the sidelines while we’re introduced to another girl, who not only has a compelling back story, but is also Kirito’s equal in the gaming world.

If the creators want us to root for Asuna and Kirito, I wonder why we keep seeing new girls who would also be good for him, while Asuna is left in the background….in the typical wife role.

Anyways, this really has nothing to do with the episode. Just some of my observations about SAO as a whole.

After the attempted rape incident, the episode follows Sinon as it ties all of her stories together. She deals with her bullies as they point a gun at her.

Shinon & bullies


The head one even tries to shoot. Instead of falling down, Shinon stands her ground and shows the bullies how to actually handle a gun. She does still freak out a bit, which is good. It would be a bit too unbelievable if she got over her trauma just like that.

Shinon & bullies

With that done, she walks away (like a Boss!), leaving them confused and scared.

Kirito is waiting for her at the front steps and everyone wonders if he’s her boyfriend. She’s annoyed, he smiles, and they visit the government dude who tells them what’s happening.

The reason why the former Laughing Coffin guild members decided to kill the other players seems a bit shallow, but when you look at it from a PTSD thing, it does start to make sense. I wish they mentioned it more though, because it’s clear that being in a murder guild for two years messes with your head. I still don’t get how the police didn’t do anything to begin with. Even though everything that happened, happened in the game world. It did have real life implications.


The government guy, whose name I forget, did say that they’re going to a mental facility, so I guess that’s meant to show that they’re dealing with the psychological issues at hand.

sao (1)

After this, Kirito brings Sinon to the Dicey cafe, where he only introduces the girls…poor Agil, and once again fails to mention that Asuna is his girlfriend. *sigh*

sao (2)

They get Sinon to meet someone she saved when she shanked the robber as a kid. I thought they’d bring her mom, but it was the store clerk instead. Sinon cries and everyone is happy at the end. We also see her game character letting go of her gun, I guess to symbolize Sinon’s new strength.

Even though we didn’t get to see more from GGO, I did like the episode. I like Sinon as a character and the premise surrounding Death Gun. I do feel like more could have been done to it though and we didn’t really need the attempted rape scene in the last episode.

I do wonder if Sinon will ever know the truth of Kirito’s girlfriend though. I kind of want to see her reaction to that….


2 thoughts on “Sword Art Online II – Episode 14

  1. Den den mushi (@kmanisr)

    this is the reason why I don’t want to watch SAO second season before it finished airing. I’ve read the light novel, and I hate it when Kirito always giving a false hope for another girl. Actually, I’m little scared if Kirito leave Asuna 😦


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