First Impressions: Terra Formars

Terra formars

When I first heard about this anime, I was seriously hyped up! I’m a huge fan of the manga. Huge fan! The twists and turns that come out of it always has me on the edge of my seat. The crew is great, but the cockroaches are terrifying, but kind of cool too.

And people die! Everyone always dies….

It’s seriously fantastic! If you haven’t read the manga, then you need to do so right now. As you can see, I was really looking forward to this anime. I knew that it would be censored though, that’s a given especially considering how much blood and gore is in Terra Formars, so I was fully expecting black bars here and there.

Not surprisingly, in the first two episodes there are tons of black bars. Like I said, this should have been expected. Thankfully, there is some blood, so not everything is censored and you still get a sense at how terrifying everything is so I do appreciate that.

But as a huge fan of the manga series, I’m feeling incredibly disappointed. They skipped over so much! I get why they did that, truly I do. Mars is where most of the action happens. Not only in the sense of the crew fighting against the Terraformars (giant mutant cockroaches), but also the political side that’s happening on earth. That being said, they still cut off a huge chunk of back story and plot.

It’s important to know these characters, so they don’t come off as cliched. Their back stories, their personalities, their hopes and dreams. They did show a little of it, but it’s very minor. At most, we saw Akari’s story. Considering how important he’ll be later on, it makes sense. I feel like some of the other characters need to be shown too. I mean, a lot of them are going to die so in some ways it may not make sense to do that, but since they’re going to die I want their stories to be shown more. Hmmm, maybe when they’re going to die we’ll get some flashbacks?

I did find it weird that Eva told Maria that she doesn’t have to add the “san” to her name. In Japan, this would show how close the two are, but Maria is from Mexico and Eva is from Germany. The ‘san’ prefix isn’t applicable to either of those countries, so I found it funny that they included that bit.

The second episode was better than the first, but it still suffered some of the problems with the plot cutting. At least we got to see some of the Terraformars. I really love those guys. And I still enjoy seeing some of my favourite characters come alive in the anime.

Hopefully this gets better and does the manga justice!

As a manga reader, I can fill in some of the gaps myself since I know the little details here and there. For those who are coming into this for the first time, I wonder how they felt about the first two episodes? Good things? Bad things? I hope they don’t drop it. And if they do, then read the manga.

Edit: I’ve been reading some tweets about Terra Formars and it’s getting me pretty down. I do love the manga and really want the anime to succeed, but a lot of people are complaining about the censorship. I know it’s annoying, but Japan is pretty strict when it comes to blood and gore. The fact that we even got some blood is pretty amazing to begin with.

People are saying they might drop it for this reason, but I hope they don’t. The story is stellar. I can’t say anything due to spoilers, but the twists and turns always have me on the edge of my seat. So for those reasons I hope the anime gets better and that people look past the censorship.


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