First Impressions – Sword Art Online II

title card

Yes, I realize that I’m a bit late to the party. For some reason, I’m really behind in the spring and summer animes. Since I was at home sick today, I decided to do a marathon on the second season of SAO.

When Sword Art Online first came out, I thought the first episode was pretty darn good. It set the stage beautifully and it felt like a real game. As the first arc went by, things did slow down but the final scene with Kirito waking up in the hospital is one of my favourite scenes of this series.

As for ALO, let’s not talk about that pile of garbage.

Now Season two is upon us. Thirteen episodes are in and so far I can honestly say that it’s better than ALO. I like the idea of someone from the Laughing Coffin murder guild in SAO coming back and killing top gamers in a new MMO called Gun Gale Online (GGO). There’s clearly some PTSD or something happening there, so I assumed that it would play out like that.

It didn’t….the end result was similar to ALO, even down the rapeish scene…..

sexual assault scene

However, this did make me question the police on this show. When the survivors woke up, surely they wouldn’t told police everything that happened, including the men and women who would have fun killing gamers. Since killing players in SAO = killing them in real life I feel like  this would warrant a jail sentence.

But it seems like the police not only let them go, but never took their names and addresses. That’s just strange to me. So when Kirito was trying to figure out who Death Gun is, I kept wondering why he was needed? The moment they realized that Laughing Coffin was involved, the police should have been tracking the former guild members down.

SAOlogic, I’ll go with it.

Instead of talking about the series as a whole, I’ll just write my impressions/recap for each episode that I wrote while watching. Then, starting with episode 14 I’ll have the full recaps back up for it.

Episode 1 – I’m intrigued. I want to know more about Death Gun, but I’m also wondering why the police are incompetent. The new girl in the end looks like Sugu, right down to the revealing clothing. Hope it’s not her.

Episode 2 – So it’s not Sugu, but Shinon. Considering the time spent on her, I’m assuming she’ll fall for Kirito. Why the show always makes the new girl into a T&A type character is beyond me. Like Sugu, she also has a heavy issue that she needs to deal with. And like Sugu, she decides to go into the game world to escape the reality of it. And like Sugu, she has no chance with Kirito.

Episode 3 – For a young girl to save her mother without waiting for Kirito to save her is an amazing thing in this universe. I don’t know why her mom was so freaked out though, Shinon did what no one else did. She took matters into her own hands and killed that mofo like a boss. That being said, she clearly needs therapy. How she’s dealing with the stress of the event isn’t healthy.

sao (5)

Hardly any Kirito. Kind of weird. I like Shinon so far, but I want to know more about Death Gun. Knowing how this series is, I’m assuming her Shinon’s friend is Death Gun. Hope I’m wrong.

Episode 4 – The return of Gary Stu. Not only is he amazing in GGO, but all the boys in the yard want some of his milkshake. Why does he even have long hair and look like a female? This is never explained….

Episode 5 – Even though the news about SAO and its survivors is on the down low, I still find it hard to believe that a gaming community wouldn’t know who Kirito is. Even if they don’t know what he did in SAO, they know what he did in ALO. He uses the same name for everything and people still don’t know who he is?

I don’t play Street Fighter, but say it’s an MMO and someone like Daigo pops up. I’m not going to act like I don’t know him. Even though I don’t play the game, I still know this incredible moment and I know that he’s a famous gamer. So I’m constantly surprised that people don’t recognize Kirito.

Episode 6 –  Shinon went from being a strong fighter, to another girl to fall for Kirito and lose all of her awesomeness. It happened with Asuna, it happened with Sugu, and now Shinon is there too. *sigh*

Episode 7 –  Shinon’s friend has no chance, that being said, Kirito really needs to stop leading these girls on. She’s falling hard and he is oblivious, but not really.

Episode 8 – It’s been eight episodes now and Death Gun doesn’t seem like that big of a deal to anyone in GGO. After two people died, I would think more people would be talking about it. But nope. Everyone assumes it’s a rumour and go about their business.

sao (3)

Episode 9 – Those in Laughing Coffin really should have been placed in jail or at least in intensive therapy. They’re straight up murderers and they’re allowed to roam the streets with no consequence to their actions in SAO. That still doesn’t make sense to me.

Pale Rider is paralyzed. I wonder if Shinon shot him instead of trying to go after Death Gun, he would have stayed alive?

Episode 10 – I feel sorry for Asuna. Kirito really loves leading these girls on. At least tell them that you have a girlfriend who you married and have a kid with. Even if the kid isn’t technically real, but still. Come on man!

Episode 11 – Kirito took a peek… other news, Asuna actually said something smart and what I’ve been wondering about throughout my time watching this. But the police still can’t do anything, even though it makes no sense.

SAOlogic, I’ll go with it again.

Episode 12 – The fight begins.

Episode 13 – Surprise, surprise! We find out that the guy friend of Shinon is a bad guy. Not surprised, since he did seem a bit obsessive since the beginning of the show. What I can’t help but wonder is why almost all the male characters are bad or psycho? And why must they make these characters rapey? If this is to show how bad they are, then there has to be other ways.

sao (2)

His reasons for killing the other players were pretty lackluster too. I was expecting more from the reveal, but it was another case of ego.

Also, Kirito is at risk of dehydration…while at a hospital. A hospital with IV drips.

#SAOlogic…don’t know if I can accept this one though.

For the most part, I was interested in the Phantom Bullet arc of Sword Art Online II. The threat of Death Gun seems small though and if you can over look some plot holes here and there..and there and there again, then you’ll like this a lot more than I did. I still think it’s okay though. Loads better than ALO.

I’m assuming the next episode will wrap up this arc and start the next one. Not sure if Kirito will remain being a girl, but I bet another girl may show up.


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