Re:␣Hamatora – Anime Review

Back when Hamatora first ended, I was actually pretty excited for a sequel. The ending was pretty shocking and the cliffhanger made me want to know what would happened next. The only sad part was Moral dying, because despite how some may feel about him I always loved the guy.


Not only was it an exciting end to an otherwise okay series, but it also finally told us what Hajime could do. When she passed out, her eyes went red and she got super human fighting strength or something? And in episode 5, it seemed like fighting and strength was her power as well.

Overall, the first season was okay. There were some hits and some misses, but the story was consistent throughout and I enjoyed it for the most part.

Which is why I’m so disappointed about Re:␣Hamatora.

The first season of Hamatora had tons of potential, but it wasn’t never fully utilized. In Re:␣Hamatora, the creators took the potential that it had, cut it up, spit it out, and pooed all over it.

moral (2)
When it first started, I was actually all for it. The first episode wasn’t good, but it seemed like this season would stick to the main plot lines and not have a different problem every week. Art went from being a loyal friend who would do anything to save his friends, to wanting to kill all of them, especially Nice.

The first part of the season, I was all about Re:␣Hamatora and actually thought it was better than the first. Sure, it didn’t have Moral, but it was still fine.

Then, then it became stupid. I’m not even sure when it happened, probably at the middle of the season, but it really got stupid. Art’s reasons for getting rid of everyone’s Minimum seemed like it stemmed from his insecurities over not having one. And his reasons for killing Nice, never made sense.

moral (5)

In Episode 12, we finally found out the reason for this, but it was almost like it was too little too late. I feel like the flashbacks with Skill should have been sprinkled on through the season so we could know where Art’s head is at.

Plus, it would have made him a more compelling villain. Even though many didn’t like Moral, at least his goals and purpose was clear. He was a great villain and one that I wanted to see more from. Needless to say, whenever he showed up in Re:␣Hamatora I was a happy camper.

moral (1)

In terms of the other characters, I didn’t really care for Hajime. I liked her enough in the first season, but her purpose for being in the group wasn’t really known. We do learn about her past, but some of the things that happened to her was kind of meh.

I did like the development between Birthday and Raito. I think they were the only characters who were consistent and sympathetic. I liked watching their story lines progress, because you didn’t know if it would have a happy ending or not.

The characters and their motivations were never explained properly. The plot was all over the place.

What I hated the most was how Art is welcomed back with open arms, even though he did a lot of shady stuff. His friend/partner died, because of him. He stood by and watched it happen.

moral (6)

Did Hamataro need a second season? Considering how it ended, yes it did.

Did Re:␣Hamatora do a great job in giving characters their back story that we desperately wanted in Hamatora? Yes. I liked finding out about Art and Nice and even Hajime. Finding out more about the facility they grew up in was awesome.

Even though there are more low points in this season than highs, there were still good points. I especially liked Murazaku and his struggles to be Nice’s partner, even though he feels like he can’t do anything. Him killing Art was a bit OoC, but it still provided some nice character growth.

Like I said before, there was so much potential to make this season amazing and it started off (if you ignore the first episode) with a bang! But then, the plot lost its focus and failed hard.

By the end of episode 12, my only thought was, “At least there won’t be another season.”

moral (4)

Re:␣Hamatora….what a disappointment.

And if you’re wondering why there are only pictures of Moral here, it’s because he’s awesomesauce and the only thing I liked from episode 12.

hamatora (2)


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