God’s Gift – 14 Days – dropped

God's Gift

I love when Korean Dramas are different from the usual Romantic Comedy crop that we always see. So when I watched the first episode, I was really excited that this would be the drama to watch. A time traveling mystery sounds right up my alley.

So I really, really, REALLY wanted to like this….

Unfortunately, despite the great acting from everyone, I found this to be really predictable and tedious. Almost right away you know who killed Saet Byul, which is fine. There are times when you solve the mystery quickly, but you still enjoy the story as all of the secrets are unraveled and the characters try to figure things out. Only, I didn’t.

I know saving Saet Byul is what any parent would do, but I found Soo Hyun really stupid at times. Good acting, but really stupid character. It’s one thing to do everything in your power to save your daughter, but Soo Hyun was just reckless. Save your daughter, I’m with you. But you don’t need to kill yourself before she’s even kidnapped. Then both of you are dead and that doesn’t solve anything.

I watched 4.5 episodes of this drama then dropped it, because the story started to get really tedious and boring. I watched the last episode and it confirmed my suspicions in the start of the drama.

I’m glad that this was still out there though, as the kdrama market really needs more shows like this out there. I just wish it was better.


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