Smash Bros Direct

Have you watched this yet? No? Then click on the video below and get to it.

Wow. First, because I need to be shallow for a moment, the new Smash Bros game looks beautiful…..and Sakurai is a cutie.


I made the same face after everything was over

So much stuff was brought up. Online play, new items, assist trophies, new characters, and new levels. But what I was really surprised at was seeing the Smash Run. When it first appeared, I said to myself, “This looks like Kirby’s Air Ride” and it seems like Sakurai brought it back (kind of) to Smash Bros. I, for one, welcome this because the City Trials was my favourite part of Kirby’s Air Ride.

Smash Run

Stealing power-ups and trying to get as many as I could before the time limit was a blast. It was also fun when the events happened at the end, because then you realize that getting all of the ‘speed’ power ups was useless since the event that happened wasn’t a race, but a free for all. Then in the next trial, you try to play smart and get a lot of ‘heavy’ power ups only your kart gets destroyed by your siblings and you’re left with nothing but a crappy kart that constantly needs boost when you’re in a race…..boost that you no longer have!

I can’t wait for that to happen here. I think there’s more to this then they said, so I’m interested in what other surprises come about. It does make me wish that there was a new Kirby’s Air Ride though. Maybe they can add it on as DLC to the new Kirby game, or add it to a newer Kirby game.


My go to character in the Smash Bros games was Zelda, simply because I loved that I could switch from her to Sheik. That’s not going to happen here any more. Zelda is her own character and Sheik is her own character too. The same thing with Samus and Zero Suit Samus. There will no longer be switching of characters. On one hand, I like this because there will be new moves to explore, but on the other hand, I’m going to miss the ease of switching flawlessly between Zelda and Sheik.

I guess this means that there will be no Pokemon Trainer either. He wasn’t brought up (at least not in this Direct) but if there’s no longer going to be switching of characters then his role will be rendered useless. A Pokemon trainer can’t really do much without switching between his Pokemon, which he can’t really do anymore since Charizard decided to be awesome and enter the playing field.


so hot

And in a shocking twist, instead of seeing Mewtwo, which a lot of people were wanted, we got to see Greninja!


so cool

I think this surprised a lot of people, but it’s definitely a welcomed addition to the growing cast of fighters.

I was excited before I heard all of this, but my excitement levels have gone into SUNLIGHT YELLOW OVERDRIVE!! The 3DS version comes out this Summer, while the WiiU one comes out in the Winter. There seems to be some things that they’re still hiding, so I’m can’t wait to hear more and to actually play this game. It looks sweet.

why must you be so awesome and cute?

why must you be so awesome and cute?


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