Sekai Seifuku – Bouryaku no Zvezda episode 12

Sekai Seifuku - Bouryaku no Zvezda (1)

Looks like this is the end of the season. I’m a little sad, because even though I was originally not really excited for this, I ended up falling in love with Sekai Seifuku – Bouryaku no Zvezda. It’s definitely in my top five animes of this season.

Normally, I would talk about what happened in the episode. But to be honest, everything was amazing so I’m just going to put up a bunch of pictures here and be done with this review.

Actually, even though everything was great my only complaint was that I would have liked to see Asuta and his father make up and form some kind of relationship. They don’t have to be together, since they’re kind of similar, but at least make up or something.

Also, I kind of wish Yasu got some form of punishment. What he did is in character, but still. They forgave him way too easily. But those things are very minor. Super minor in fact.

Sekai Seifuku – Bouryaku no Zvezda was an all round great show and one that I hope has a second season. I really want to know who that new girl in the shadows is! Kate vs. the North American Kate like person would be amazing to see. I wonder how long till they announce this?


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