Mahou Sensou – Episode 12

mahou sensou (0)

finally, it’s all over

I think for most of us, we’re all a little glad that this season is done. Mahou Sensou seemed interesting and had a good studio backing it, but the story never came through and it was dull. Dull and stupid and full of cliches and plot holes.

Sadly, this episode starts off with another plot hole. We learned that the Trailer’s headquarters is difficult to get around in, which is the reason why Isoshima kept getting lost. And yet, here we find Takeshi running towards his house because he remembered that his mother is about to be killed.

mahou sensou (1)

How did Takeshi, Ida, and Mui get out of the compound? They left Oigami in the last episode, so how did they get out?

I suppose it doesn’t matter, since we need to have a final showdown with Gekkou.

Takeshi reaches home right when Gekkou leaves. Gekkou has blood coming from his sword, meaning that the mom is dead. Only she really isn’t. The two discuss stuff and Takeshi wonders how all of this happened and why he has to fight his brother.

Gekkou, on the other hand, reveals everything and shows off the new and improved Twilight.

mahou sensou (3)

I get that this scene is meant to show how horrible Gekkou is, but I, for one, felt like it really showed how much Wizard Brace sucks as an academy and how Takeshi really isn’t cut out to do magic. With his little time spent with Twilight, Gekkou not only got it to work for him but also learned how to use Eterna to fight for him. That’s impressive.

During this exchange, we learn that Gekkou wasn’t pushed by Takeshi. Instead, their mom tried to kill Gekkou so that he doesn’t become Kazama. Once she saw him with a broken leg, she changed her tune and allowed her other son to get all of the blame and hardship due to her horrible and misplaced judgment.

mahou sensou (4)

She only decided this after seeing a dream from everyone’s favourite sword, Twilight. So how did Twilight even show up at their household in the first place? I thought Takeshi’s mom left magic and can’t use it anymore? So how did this happen?

It doesn’t really matter though, because Wizard Brace and the Trailers have shown up to fight.

Well…okay then….

mahou sensou (6)

During this fight, we get a scene where Ida gets hurt and says he’s not out yet. He really is useless unless it’s against girls that are smaller than him. Why is he even here in the first place? I thought he was trying to find Futaba. Where is she anyways?

Kazama comes and heals Takeshi’s mom. Then calls her mother and has a picture of Isoshima in his pocket. Looks like Kazama is actually Takeshi…only with different everything. How does Takeshi become Kazama…..just because?

mahou sensou (7)

Takeshi and Gekkou fight, Isoshima is stabbed, and Takeshi decides that now is a good time to go all out. They fight and BAM! They get sent to the past.

Takeshi wakes up to see all of the key players out and about at school and then he finds Gekkou with them. The show ends with Gekkou saying that he’s been waiting for Takeshi.

mahou sensou (8)

And that’s how they decide to end Mahou Sensou. Actually, we see a scene with the others wondering where Takeshi went.

mahou sensou (10)

Does this mean a second season is in the works? Considering all of the unanswered questions, there might just be. It was a horrible anime. One of the worst one this season. The only saving grace this show had was that it wasn’t Pupa. Despite all this, there were a lot of people who still watched it so you never know.

mahou sensou (9)

I’ll see you soon….


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