Wizard Barristers episode 11

Last week, I thought the animation was horrible. Characters would talk, but their mouths wouldn’t move. Not only that, but everything looked shoddy. I didn’t think it could get any worse, until I watched episode 11.

wizard barristers - benmashi cecil (1)


In the episode, Cecil is captured. Almost gets combined with Lucifer. Doesn’t. Shizumu dies. Shimon goes psycho. And Cecil gets wings.

The only thing I liked in this episode was the ending, when Shimon requests that Cecil defend him at magic court. He has a plan, so I’m interested in seeing what he does. But the rest of the episode?


It could have been good, but the animation! It’s almost like the studio decided that since the anime is almost done, they’ll spend all their money on the robot scene and whatever is left over will be for the show. Sadly, there wasn’t much, so certain scenes repeated themselves for no reason.

Let me give you an example. When Cecil is being sacrificed, we see this.

wizard barristers - benmashi cecil (2)

it’s like sleeping beauty, only with more bleeding noses

The ritual starts, people start dying, and the symbol appears around Cecil. During this time, her hair clips all break and her hair flows beautifully behind her, as she starts to float up to the air.

wizard barristers - benmashi cecil (5)

because you’re worth it

We’re then provided with a scene between Cecil and Moyo, who is Lucifier. They have a fun naked time talking to each other and Cecil isn’t the least bit shocked or afraid at what’s happening. In fact, Cecil doesn’t show much emotion during this episode at all.

Anyways, when we come back to the ritual place, instead of seeing Cecil/Lucifer we see this.

wizard barristers - benmashi cecil (7)

I wish I was making this up, but not only does Cecil’s hair go back to normal, but she’s on the coffin again and the symbol is only starting to light up. Why did we go back in time after Moyo asked Cecil to join up? There was no reason for this. None at all!

Also instead of having characters mouths not moving, we didn’t see their mouths at all. In one scene, all we saw was the upper half of Shimon’s (everything above the mouth) as the camera slowly got closer and closer to him.

wizard barristers - benmashi cecil (10)

What’s worse is that Shizumu dies and instead of seeing him die, we see a wide shot of him on the floor, Cecil by his side, and Shimon at the far left with his gun out. This should have been a great scene, but Cecil acts like she doesn’t care. In fact, it isn’t until Shizumu is shot a couple of times that she notices the blood and even then, she just doesn’t care.

wizard barristers - benmashi cecil (9)

“My friend is dying in front of me, but all I’m care about is my missing hair clips.”

Granted, in the last episode when the judge was shot there was no blood, but still, Zhizumu was just shot! He was an important character that seemed to overcome his placid behaviour and do something to help someone and no one seems to care. Not Cecil, not his dad who shot him, and not the studio who made this show.

There was no direction in this episode, things happened and then happened again. Characters appeared out of no where (how did the pervy girl leave the office when the swat team was there). And the plot….I dunno.

It could be that the studio was running out of money, but after watching Tiger & Bunny where the animation continuously got worse but the story was still top notch, I don’t think this can be used as an excuse for this episode. It was just bad, which sucks since I do like the show.

wizard barristers - benmashi cecil (8)

The next episode is the last, so hopefully the money comes back and we see some awesomeness.


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