Hamatora Episode 12 and a look back

So today was the last day for Hamatora, not only does it mark the end of the show (at least when it comes to season one) but it also marks the end of this anime season.


his hair is wonderful!

After Takahiro’s surprising death in the last episode, I was expecting big things to happen here. Not only that, but I was especially excited to see Hajime break it down and finally explain why she’s part of the Hamatora team. Not only is her hat beside Nice’s headphones and Murasaki’s glasses in the ED, but they constantly keep her well fed. Why? It’s something I’ve been wondering all season.

Well, they finally…kind of? Um, answered it?

hamatora (1)

you wouldn’t like me when I’m hungry

She basically goes all super saiyan, because she’s hungry, and is able to defeating anything. Then she passes out. This only happens in the first few minutes and then she’s done for most of the episode. I guess there’s always next season to explain these things.

I suppose it doesn’t really matter either, because the episode is about Nice facing off against Moral. I never really liked him, Moral, on the show. He seemed a bit too obsessed with Nice and he gives off such a creepy “I’ll watch you while you sleep and you better enjoy it” vibe.

A face only a mother could love

A face only a mother could love

But for some reason, I kind of loved him in this episode. His plan, while horrible, is understandable. Social media played a huge role in this show, so it makes sense for him to use social media against people who use it for stupid reasons. Whenever you see something bad online and people making fun of it or acting like jerks, it’s annoying.

And while Moral might not feel the same way, his plan to get back at all those people was kind of nice. It’s fictional, so I can agree with him. In real life, I wouldn’t. Then again, I don’t think he wanted to actually go through with this plan. I mean, he expected Nice to kill him or defeat him at least, so he knew that his plan would fail.

hamatora (3)

I am the Dark Flame Master

There was one scene I felt was unintentionally funny and one that was meant to be funny, but didn’t really jive with me.

The funny scene was seeing Murasaki calmly steer the boat to safety. After Moral talked about how only Nice could stop him, it was kind of amusing to see Murasaki be the one to remember that the boat was moving and that beating up Moral wasn’t the only way to stop him.

The scene that was meant to be funny was when we expected the social media spirit bomb to happen. As Nice snapped his fingers, people he’s met or saved in the last episodes sent him tweets as a means of support. Instead of going all Goku on Moral, he throws his phone and yells about how he’s trying to concentrate.

I get that this show is a comedy too and needed to include it somehow, but I felt like with such a serious episode like this it wasn’t really needed. I dunno, it kind of killed the tension and took me out of the fight.

even in death he's wonderful

even in death he’s wonderful

At the end, we saw the return of Art who promptly killed Moral. How? By using a gun. Karma, nice. But then BAM, we get the shocking ending where he raises the gun to Nice’s head and…..to be continued is shown. What happened? Why would Art do that? Who knows, we’ll probably find out in season two. I’ll watch it, but it better deliver! If Nice survived, then there should be a good explanation on how it could have happened.

hamatora (11)


A Look Back:

Was Hamatora a great anime? Not really. It kept me entertained, but some of the comedy bits were a bit hit or miss. I think one of my least favourite episode was the one involving Chihyo, where we learned about Raito and Birthday’s past. While the past was interesting, the way it was presented didn’t really do much for me.

The serious parts were good and the scene with Art and Moral talking at the graveyard was the best part in this series. The animation, the acting, the low key music playing in the background, Moral’s voice change as he grew bored with Art, everything was great. And then to follow that up with a beach scene.

Like I said, hit or miss. The team went to solve something when I wanted to see more from Moral. Oh well, what can you do?

Overall, I think the show was good for what it did and like I did enjoy my time watching it. Here’s hoping that season two blows my socks off. I’m sad that Moral isn’t going to be there anymore, but hopefully they’ll have another creepy character to keep me happy.

hamatora (2)


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