Mahou Sensou – Episode 11

Good news, the next episode is the last one.

Bad news, this episode follows the same formula as the previous one, so it still wasn’t that good.

mahou sensou (0)

What? Already? But there’s more people I need to save.

In this episode, Takeshi continued to do Kendo. How that relates to his magic, I don’t know. He’s been doing that all season and it’s clearly not doing anything. In any case, he continues and then his mom finally tells him to use actual magic as that will be the only thing that can help him.

mahou sensou (2)

During this time, Gekkou decides to tell Isoshima how he really feels. She runs from him, because no one wants to be with a creep, and runs into Oigami. He’s regained his memories of when he was Trailer, but still retained his memory from when he was in Wizard Brace too. It’s due to this that he decides to help Isoshima and hid her in his room.

I see what you did that Oigami. I see it. Just look at his excellent powers. He brought Isoshima in his room.

mahou sensou (3)

Oigami waits by the door, acting like he’s concerned about Isoshima’s feelings.

mahou sensou (4)

He even gives her tea, as she sits by the window and contemplates how she’ll get back to Takeshi. All of a sudden BAM!

mahou sensou (4.5)

Kumagai barges into his room, because that’s what friends do. And it results in this….

mahou sensou (5)

Oigami wasn’t anywhere near Isoshima and Isoshima was no where near the door and yet…and yet this happens. I bet this is why Oigami and Kumagai work so well as a team. They probably high-fived each other after this for a job well done. And if Isoshima asked what they’re so happy about, they’d just tell her that it’s because they want to help her find Takeshi.

mahou sensou (8)

Strange at how he seems to have more chemistry with his mom than with Mui or Isoshima

In the meantime, Takeshi decides to get closer to his mom. She then starts talking about the accident, but he tells her not to say anything.

I think she was going to tell him about how Gekkou’s father is the head of the Trailers. They both look alike and they wear their pants in the same sort of fashion. But, this isn’t the last episode and so she isn’t going to say anything. At least not yet.

Despite the fact that Takeshi’s mom is going to be killed by Gekkou, he decides not to tell her anything and worse, he doesn’t even move her to a safer location. It’s almost like he completely forgot about Erina’s vision. A vision that has a 100% accuracy rate. Takeshi, being Takeshi, probably thinks that since nothing happened at the moment, his mom is safe. Or, because she isn’t a damsel in distress he has no use for her.

White Knight mode for his mom will be activated in the next episode.

mahou sensou (9)

But now, Takeshi needs to find Isoshima. So he heads to the Trailer headquarters with Mui and Ida, who I assumed would be useless but instead they weren’t.

Ida probably realized that he only has an epsiode left to show his true power. So he decides to go all out and show the world just how strong he really is.

mahou sensou (10)

Awesome! That’s awesome. I’ve been feeling really disappointed with Ida because so far he’s been used as a comedy tool. He forgets that he has magic, and he’s pretty much useless. It’s been depressing. He was my favourite character out of the bunch when the show first started, but then quickly became annoying like everyone else. So I was happy that he was finally going to do something…..only instead of fighting Oigami, or Washidzu, he fights Kumagai and sends her flying.

mahou sensou (11)

He then taunts her by saying onii-san this and onii that, then proceeds to headbutt her. That’s right, Ida’s time to shine was in a fight with someone smaller than him. So small, in fact, that he feels like a big brother to her.

That’s just jerkish behaviour. I get that they’re all magicians and can fight whoever they want, but this would have been fine for Mui.

Takeshi’s team wins and the two sides talk it out. It ends with them walking down the Hogwarts school to find Isoshima.

*sigh* At least the next episode is the last one. That’s the only good thing about this episode.


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