Photo Recap: Wizard Barristers episode 10

Is it just me, or did the animation drop a lot for this episode. Not only only were the character designs looking bad, but there were times when characters would talk and their mouths wouldn’t move. It was weird. Despite that, this was a pretty good episode and we finally got to learn some stuff.

Tyra would say that this is an example of a no neck picture.

Tyra would say that this is an example of a no neck picture.

I see that they’re trying to push the Shizumu x Cecil ship, but I don’t see that ending well with Moyo around.

So here’s what happened in episode 10. (Note of warning, lots of pictures after the cut)

Wizard Barristers -  (1)

Sameoka and Cecil run away from Shizumu

Wizard Barristers -  (2)

Shizumu uses magic to chase them

Wizard Barristers - (22)

Things blow up

Wizard Barristers -  (3)

And Moyo shows up to drag Cecil away

Wizard Barristers -  (4)

Cecil and Moyo talk about what happened

Wizard Barristers -  (5)

The familiars in the office talk about Cecil

Wizard Barristers -  (6)

Shizumu arrests Sameoka on false charges.

Wizard Barristers -  (7)

Then storms into Shark Knight Law Firm to arrest everyone there who could help Sameoka.

Wizard Barristers -  (8)

Kujira smiles

Wizard Barristers -  (9)

Then runs away

Wizard Barristers -  (10)

Erari confronts Shizumu.

Wizard Barristers -  (11)

Then dies…

Wizard Barristers -  (12)

Shimon meets with people who are going to die

Wizard Barristers -  (13)

Cecil tells her office what is happening and they decide to help her

Wizard Barristers -  (15)

Natsuna (who is looking pregnant here) makes ramen

Wizard Barristers -  (16)

Shimon kills the judge and makes the viewer ask a very important question. “If a man is shot and doesn’t bleed, does that make them less of a human?”

Wizard Barristers -  (17)

Kujira tells Cecil about what’s actually happening.

Wizard Barristers -  (18)

He smiles

Wizard Barristers -  (19)

Then tells her he’s leaving

Wizard Barristers - the gang

The gang shows up with Natsuna, who still looks pregnant.

Wizard Barristers -  Moyo

Moyo tells Cecil that she only has eyes for her, which is cute in a “I’m not totally suspicious” kind of way.

Wizard Barristers - (23)

Shizumu reflects about life.

And that’s exactly what happened in this episode. Exactly what happened.


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