Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda ep 10

Wow…just wow. This episode was intense and crazy and amazing and mind blowingly good.

Can I just start by saying that I didn’t expect much from this anime when it first came out. It had a good synopsis, but I just don’t like lolis. Sorry, I don’t. I find them awkward, especially in love stories. However, the more I watched this the more I loved it and the more I loved it the more I realized that Kate is amazing and so much more than a typical loli character.

It’s strange, two shows with lolis (Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda and Mikakunin de Shinkoukei) ended up being my two biggest surprises of this winter anime season. I wasn’t even looking forward to either one, but both are fantastic. Great plots, good pacing and compelling, fleshed out characters.

Anywho, what happened in this episode? Everything did. Everything.

Quick Rundown of what happened: The Zvezda gang, after losing their home, take shelter at a park. They try to regroup, but Asuta feels like it’s much too late to fight back. He wants to run, but the others refuse to do so. Goro and Roboko fight the Governor’s troops while the others run, but they too are also captured. Not only that, but after being captured the troops start stomping on poor Roboko until White Robin comes in and stops them. 😦 

Meanwhile, Kaori makes Egret the new commander of the White Lights. Egret is taken back and feels like White Robin deserves it, but eventually she gives in.  Kaori is now a subordinate of the governor. While accepting the position, she informs him that she hates his guts. He smokes his cigar and disregards the comment.

The other Zvezda members regroup at another park. There, Asuta mentions that his father will stop at nothing till he comes back home. Everyone already knew about Asuta’s relationship with the governor, except Kate. They have a touching moment where Asuta cries and Itsuka comforts him. It’s a really nice moment. Really nice.

After the crying and comforting, they head to their back up where they are confronted by the enemy, who are now lead by Egret. She tells them to give up and hand Asuta over.  White Robin emerges, becomes even more awesome and joins the other side. Asuta agrees to be captured if it means saving the others, but then Egret tells him that the governor doesn’t actually want him back. Instead, they’ll say that Asuta was kidnapped and died during the rescue. 

Natasha is shot….*cries* Hopefully she isn’t dead.

Kate and Itsuka head in one direction while Asuta and Renge head the other side.

The episode ends like this. Hmm…that wasn’t a quick rundown at all. I wanted to make this shorter, but after the craziness that was this episode I couldn’t stop writing.

My Thoughts: When the episode ended I had one clear thought in my mind. “I better not see Odin.” I usually love the ending. Love it! It’s such a funny contrast to Yasu, because Odin is smooth and charming while Yasu is stupid and useless.  Knowing how Yasu is and then seeing the Odin flashcard makes me laugh every time.

But I didn’t want to see him this time. Yasu…Yasu…YASU! DAMN YOU YASU!!! After the last episode, we saw him drive out into the sunset with Kate’s toy. He flashes Kaori a smile and then we see a flashcard of him in a tub of money.

Now, despite what he did and the bathtub of money, I want to believe he didn’t betray Zvezda. Even if he is sick of the others, he’s loyal to Goro, but it seems like the show wants us to think that he did betray them. If he did….then why would he do something like this? Zvezda lost their home, because of him. Goro was beat up and captured, because of him. Roboko was beating horribly, because of him. Natasha was shot and might be dead, because of him. And all for what exactly? Why Yasu! WHYYYYYY!

So knowing what he did (still hope it isn’t true) I didn’t want to see Odin. Thankfully, the animators realized this and we got to see some Asuta x Renge actions. It was cute and much needed after watching Natasha get shot…..I really hope she lives. 

I wonder why the governor so evil and why does he hate Asuta so much that he’s willing to let him die? Not only that, but why is Egret willing to go along with it considering her and Asuta grew up together. Even though she likes to tease him that isn’t enough of a reason to want him dead. Not only that, but why would she allow the shooting to happen while White Robin is on the other side? Even if Egret hates Asuta, she seems to care for White Robin. Sure, she may feel like this is a betrayal, but to kill her too? She better have a good reason for what she did.

This episode felt like the second last episode of the anime, but according to MAL there’s still three episodes left. All I know is that at this point, my heart is done. Such a fantastic episode from a fantastic anime.

Damn you Yasu....DAMN YOU!

Damn you Yasu….DAMN YOU!


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