How to ruin what could have been a good anime – Pupa

Pupa…Pupa…pupa. *sigh*


Pupa, making Mahou Sensou look good since 2014

Back when Pupa was first introduced as an anime, I was pretty excited. The synopsis looked amazing and the pictures made me want more. Then it was delayed. And then delayed again. PVs were released to keep me interested, but I was starting to lose hope that this wouldn’t be released.

Then BAM! The winter season rolled out and Pupa finally debuted. My first thought was “Finally!” My second thought was, “I like the animation.” My third thought was “What the hell is this?”

It’s been ten episodes and the third thought still rings through my head. This anime is disappointing. So disappointing.  It’s four minutes of disappointment and empty promises.

Some may say that it’s because of the length. Instead of being a regular 24 minute anime, it’s only four minutes. Usually, this length is given to comedy animes and not horroresque shows. Still, Pupipo is also a short anime and it’s great. The story is full of life and it never loses focus. There is a coherent plot that flows nicely and it works despite its short time length.  While I feel like Pupipo could be longer, I’m always satisfied with what I’ve been given.

Some may say it’s the censorship, but I think that’s a weak excuse too. Tons of animes are censored and are still so much better than this pile of crap.

Pupa, on the other hand, just makes me scratch my head and wonder why this was made into an anime. I think what makes this worse for me is that I’ve read the manga (I haven’t finished it yet) so I know everything the animators and writers are not providing. I feel bad for those who haven’t read the manga, because the show doesn’t make much sense if you don’t read it. One episode is about one thing and then it jumps to another and then another. I almost feel like the only reason this was made into a show was so we could get a full episode (aka four minutes) of the sister eating her brother.

Face it Yume, our show sucks.

Yume, what exactly are we doing?

Let me give you an example of how the manga gives you a better picture and the anime tarnishes it. In the manga Utsutsu and Yume are abused kids. Those markings on Utsutsu’s arm? Those are cigarette burns that his father likes to give him. Due to all of this abuse, Utsutsu becomes very protective of Yume and has somewhat of a sister complex.

Their dad routinely likes to show up and mess with Utsutsu’s head by telling him, “You’re just like me Muwahahahahaha!”  Granted, he does more then just mess with Utsutsu’s head. He does do this while beating him up, however, it’s due to these little taunts that shake Utsutsu the most.

He wants to be a good Nii-chan, but he’s also battling with his violent thoughts and actions. It’s actually pretty interesting when you think of an abused kid dynamic and the psychology behind it.

In the anime, we hear the dad mention that Utsutsu is just like him and that he’ll eventually leave Yume. Sorry, we hear a guy say this on a screen when Yume is in the middle of the street. Who is this guy, the anime never tells you. (It’s the dad by the by, they just haven’t really established this connection on the show) Why did Yume hear this when she’s not even related to this taunting message. Who knows. Why did she hear it then when this message took place before either of them were infected? …I think at this point, you just give up and stop caring.


Click on the redX and and never look back

There are countless more, but this one really annoyed me because it took away an important characteristic of Utsutsu. They might develop this in future episodes, but for some reason I really feel like they won’t.

Maybe something crazy will happen. All I know is that I’m still watching, I mean it’s only four minutes and I’m already on episode 10. Two more episodes before this is all over. Hopefully things gets better. I don’t think they will, but I’m hoping it will. Not only for my sake as a viewer, but for the mangaka as well. Imagine how they must feel about this adaptation.

Till then Pupa will forever be known as the show that is worse than Mahou Sensou and will probably be named as the worse anime of 2014.


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