First Impressions: God’s Gift – 14 Days

So it’s been four episodes for this new kdrama and while I’m loving that there isn’t any romance in it, I do have some issues regarding this.

God's Gift


After her daughter dies in a kidnapping case gone wrong, Kim Soo Hyun (played by Lee Bo Young) goes back in time. How far, you ask? Fourteen days before her daughter’s death. Armed with the knowledge she knows of what’s to come she teams up with Ki Dong Chan, a former cop who has also come back in time too. However, as soon as they try to stop some events from happening they start to realize that while you may change some things, you won’t be able to change everything.

At least, that’s how it is for the first four episodes. At this point, you might say to yourself, “Wow, this sounds great.” And for the most part it should. But there are some issues I’m having.

One of the things that usually happens in a genre like this is that the person who goes back in time doesn’t do a good job in sharing their feelings with their loved ones. So while Soo Hyun was able to somewhat convince the police to help her, despite how crazy she sounds, she isn’t able to convince her husband. Why? Let me break it down for you.

When Soo Hyun speaks to the police, she sounds reasonable and gives them proper information that challenges their beliefs. However, when Soo Hyun speaks to her husband she acts like a crazy woman and just keeps saying “Saet Byeol (their daughter) is going to die! Why don’t you care!” Her husband is clearly exasperated at this point, and rightly so, but I have a feeling like the drama will make him to be some sort of a bad guy and I just don’t think that should happen. Everything we’ve seen from him shows that he’s a good guy. I mean, sure he could have done more when Soo Hyun was berating their daughter, but I give him some slack for that since he did do a bit.

I do have a feeling that they’re trying to tie him into something bad, but I really wish they would just let him remain good.

In the old timeline, they ended up separating, so even if Soo Hyun saves their daughter I guess the husband will still leave. Then she’ll either end up with Dong Chan or the police guy. This annoys me, because it looked like they had a good relationship.

Another thing I’m having trouble with is that Soo Hyun isn’t all that smart. I get her motivations to do what she’s doing, but to go up against a serial killer by yourself is stupid. If she died in the process who would help her? Then what?

If she’s going to save her daughter, she needs to stop being so emotionally driven and start being more logical. Clearly that’s going to be hard to do, but she’ll need to suck it up and start being more smart so that Saet Byeol lives.

There are other issues I have, but I don’t want to make this long. I will probably continue watching this though, just to see if my theories are correct. I just hope this doesn’t disappoint and that the show remains focused on its goal and doesn’t get bogged down in romance and side plots that don’t advance anything.

So far though, there’s enough to keep be interested and that animation in the first episode was my favourite thing so far. The acting is really well done too and some of the cinematography is stunning. I’ve been burned before by kdramas, so I’m hesitate to say that this will be amazing.


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