Review: Secret Love

I haven’t done this in awhile….The best way to get back into blogging is to take a review you did on another site and rework it for your blog, so here we go!


What do you get when you have flawed characters that are played by great actors, a plot with tons of twists and turns, and setting that feels different from the usual kind of kdrama out there?

You get what you thought would be the be all to end all kdrama, only to realize that this is pretty much the same story line that you always see.


While watching Secret Love, I was initially sucked in because this felt so different from the rest of the kdramas out there. I use to be a big fan of the genre, but then I realized that almost all of them followed the same formula (rich guy, poor girl, conflict and drama yadda yadda yadda), so I stopped.

I’m slowly getting back to kdramas, so when I heard about Secret Love I thought this would be a great one to watch. I loved every moment of this show. Loved it! The acting was top notch and the story, at least in the beginning, was complex and unique. Not only was I compelled to watch more, but I was itching for some discussion on what was going on so I would comment everywhere about this.

I loved it!

So what happened?

Well, what I loved about the show was the complexity of everything and how everyone was flawed. No one here is perfect and  that includes the main characters. As the show progressed and more secrets were revealed, I thought that it would continue to add to the depth of the characters. Instead I got the same kdrama formula. Rich guy falls in love with poor girl. Poor girl has a guy that likes her and the rich guy has a girl that likes him. Drama ensues.

I can accept that. I mean, at this point you kind of have to when it comes to the majority of kdramas out there. There are exceptions, like White Christimas, but those kinds of shows are few and far in between compared to the romance dramas that everyone seems to love.

So yea I could accept that the two main characters would develop a relationship. In fact, I was even looking forward to it, because I thought it would be different from what I was use to. It wasn’t. Not only could I not get into it, but it just didn’t make any sense.

Min Hyuk had a reverse Stockholm Syndrome thing where he fell in love with the person he was tormenting. His feelings for Yoo Jeong started as extreme hatred, to being obsessed with destroying her, to being protective, to finally being in love. Does this make sense? Absolutely. His love for Yoo Jeong was one of the high lights because it came from such a crazy man place.

But what about Yoo Jeong? Let me ask you this. If there was this man who for the past five years tormented you, wouldn’t leave you alone, and harassed you to the point where the only way to make him stop is to make a huge scene, would you love that person? What about if you already had someone you love, would you like that crazy man whose sole purpose seems to be making your life a living hell?

No? Didn’t think so. Even if he was attractive, you wouldn’t and for the most part Yoo Jeong doesn’t seem to have any feelings for him. Once she learns the truth about Do Hoon, then she goes on the rebound and seems to say to herself, “You know what, why don’t I fall in love with Min Hyuk. In fact, maybe I loved him all along.”  No, no. Just, no. No sane person would love their tormentor like this. Not unless they were trying to get back at their ex boyfriend, which is what it seemed like she was doing at first.

I could rant some more, but you get the gist of it. Min Hyuk loving Yoo Jeong – makes sense from a psychological aspect. Yoo Jeong loving Min Hyuk – makes her look sad. I was disappointed when she makes goo goo eyes him.

I also felt like the story dropped the ball with Do Hoon, who was the most interesting character on the show. He’s been brought up in a family that expects him to be the best, but still keep his morals intact. That all changes when he allows Yoo Jeong to take the fall for him and go to jail. He’s conflicted over what he should do and what he wants to do. He doesn’t really love Yoo Jeong, but feels indebted to her and all of her help. He doesn’t want her to take the fall, but she pushes him into doing it. He tries to make amends by getting close to Min Hyuk and trying to destroy him, but then all of a sudden his motives make no sense and you really don’t know what he’s doing. Not a lot of people will agree with me, but he was my favourite character due to what was given to him.

Overall: I enjoyed my time watching this and was eagerly waiting for the next episode, but now that everything is said and done was this really all that different from the rest of the kdramas out there? Kind of, but not really. There’s a lot of plot holes and the ending was rushed. I just wasn’t satisfied when it was all said and done.

I am in the minority with this, so if you think this might be something you’d like then check it out, but if you are looking for something new in the kdrama world then I don’t think you’ll find it here.



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