Secret Episode 9

The things this drama does to me.


If you’re into kdramas and you’re not watching this show, then you are doing yourself a disservice. If you’re bored with kdramas and stayed away from them, then you still need to watch this. Trust me! I got bored by ever kdrama following the same formula. Rich guy gets together with a lower class girl, they fall in love but she has a nicer guy on the side while he has an annoying girl on his.

They finally get together and the lower class girl goes from kick butt heroine to a crying mess.

Bah! I was really bored of them, but this one. This one is entirely different and I love it for that. There is romance in here, but it’s done in a way that’s complex. That being said, I really hope that both girls remain single by the time this is over. Both guys are jerks. My God are they jerks. One is running away from his problems by creating more problems and the other one is a crazy stalker who gets annoyed when his playthings get taken away from him.

The only good guy on this show is Gwang Soo and that’s only because he doesn’t talk much. Anywho, here’s what happens in this episode.

Yoo Jeong decides to stand up to Min Hyuk by acting crazy then running away. He follows her and does the crying/laughing thing just like Do Hoon. Her job at the restaurant is compromised when Do Hoon finds out. Since the establishment belongs to Min Hyuk’s company, Do Hoon gets her fried.

Do Hoon continued his quest to ruin Min Hyuk; however, with each step he takes the heavier the burden he has. I may not like him as a character, but I do like how the show isn’t treating him a horrible person. Or am I the only one who is seeing this? I feel like once the secret comes out he’ll be happier. Then he can start doing good in his community and have a fresh start.

Min Hyuk maybe falling in love with Yoo Jeong? I still feel like his obsession with her is causing him to care for her, but it’s still not a healthy relationship for either of them. Yoo Jeong ran from him, but it seems like she’ll be coming back for more abuse in the following episodes. And I’m the only one who feels like he’s a bit stalkerish? Even if you have money and you’re attractive, it doesn’t give you a reason to stalk and terrorize someone.

Se Yeon seems to be falling for Do Hoon, which is sad because it’s been clear from the beginning that he doesn’t care about her in that way. He’s just trying to take everything away from Min Hyuk and she’s a part of it. I wonder how she’s going to feel when she finds out he use to date Yoo Jeong?

Next episode has Yoo Jeong finding out that her dad may have been murdered. Once she finds out that Do Hoon is behind it though, then is she going to go mad. I can’t wait. Also Se Yeon and Min Hyuk will be going to a place with little kids, so I’m guessing they’ll see San there. Min Hyuk will recognize him and probably use that as leverage against Do Hoon. I hope for Do Hoon’s sake he believes his son dies. If he knows what happened then he’s even more of a jerk than I thought. Complex jerk, who I feel bad for, but a jerk nonetheless.

I kind of love how all of the relationships and characters are not black and white. They all have flaws, some bigger than others, but still flaws.

Can’t wait to see what happens next!


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