5 Line Recap: Oohlala Couple episode 13

The downfall of Hyun Woo has started. Sure, he was able to kiss Yeo Ok at the end, but judging from what he did during the episode and in the preview, I think things are going to go downhill for him.

I mentioned how Victoria went from Super Strong Ideal Woman to Desperate Clingy Psycho Woman the moment Soo Nam decided to go back together with Yeo Ok. Yeo Ok seems to only have eyes for Hyun Woo at the moment, but the process has already started for him. I don’t think it will ruin his relationship with her though, but it might ruin his position at the hotel. He’s letting his emotions and personal problems get in the way of his work.

This is a problem, because those in the hotel don’t like him as much as the old GM. He came in and fired a lot of people, he’s very cold to them and if they fail once, they’re gone. So the fact that he’s using his power to get Soo Nam ‘fired’, by giving him an incredibly hard job, and gives Yeo Ok a promotion, judging from the preview, his standing in the company will only get worse. I still like him, but not as much as I use to. After Soo Nam came into the office to discuss work, Hyun Woo just had to bring up Yeo Ok.

I get that he likes her, but he’s acting incredibly unprofessional. That being said, he’s still better than Soo Nam.

Oohlala Couple

5 Line Recap:

1. Yeo Ok, Soo Nam, and Ki Chan cry together.

2. Soo Nam sits his mom and sister down and explains that he was the one who had an affair and not Yeo Ok; unfortunately, since they were never told of the switch they don’t believe him.

3. Soo Nam and Ki Chan attempt to have a heart to heart, only it ends up awkward. (This was my favourite scene)

4. The Chef is going through a hard time, so Yeo Ok comforts him.

5. As Yeo Ok and Hyun Woo celebrate his birthday, Hyun Woo tells Yeo Ok that he loves her and then he kisses her.


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