Sword Art Online Episode 19

Not much happened in this episode. Leafa and Kirito are on their way to the Tree, when the Salamanders attack them. Kirito uses illusion magic and takes them all out, even though illusion magic is apparently useless in battle. After taking them out, some stuff not relating to Asuna seems to be going down. Leafa has to leave and Kirito follows.

This episode felt more like filler. Really short. I did like seeing more of the game stuff though. The magic aspect looks like a lot of fun and since everything is in ‘English’, it wouldn’t be so hard to learn the spells.

Another thing I liked was that Kirito mentioned that he doesn’t want to see a party member die. Finally, we get to see some SAO reference for Kirito. I thought he’d be troubled by killing people, but we didn’t see any of that. He seemed sadder about losing his items than killing people. If I was in a game for two years where death in game = death in real life, I’d have a hard time killing anyone for a while. I might get flashbacks of people actually dying and it would stop me from dealing with that finishing blow. Then I’d most likely die, which would lead me to log off and say, “Dammit, why can’t I get over SAO!” I might have tears in my eyes and look out my window wondering if I’ll ever play a normal game again.

But Kirito doesn’t seem have any of these psychological issues. But then, this episode happened and we find that Kirito says he doesn’t want his party members to die. He’s always had this problem, so I was glad that at least this was brought up. That’s something right. Right? (I realize I’m stretching it here) And to top this all off, he turns into a monster and the monster looks like one of the monsters from SAO. (That’s a lot of monsters in that sentence) I wonder if this means that Kirito is able to transform into some of the bosses he fought previously. If so, does this mean we’ll see the big skeleton boss.

Also, is illusion magic meant to be this awesome? Leafa kept mentioning that it was useless, as in turning yourself into stapler kind of useless. But it turns out that it’s actually the opposite. Illusion magic is awesome and powerful.

The ending was the only confusing part. I get that Kirito likes Leafa as a person and that he’s thankful for all of her help, but why would he waste precious time to help her when he only has five or so days left. It seems like precious time is being wasted. Then again, Kirito going to the meeting might be a means for him to bridge the gap between the different tribes and have all of them work together at obtaining the super wings. Then, at the end of the game/show, everyone ends up with the prize, instead of it being with only one tribe.

If it hasn’t been said already, it needs to be said. Recon really gets the short end of the stick. Poor guy. In real life, he gets shafted and in the game, he gets a kitchen knife and shafted.

I didn’t understand what Leafa meant that she might not be able to return. She can. You don’t die in this game, so you can go back whenever you want. Maybe she means that her obligations and duties won’t allow her to move freely anymore.

By the end of the episode, Leafa is falling in love with Kirito, not knowing that he’s her cousin and that she already loves him. My sadness levels for Suguha grow more and more. She’s going to be heartbroken either way. I kind of wish game Kirito would stop leading her on; biting her hand, saying that he’ll essentially protect her and that he’s jealous that Recon knows her in real life.

Oh well, what can you do when you’re Kirito and every word you say is gold to the ears of women.


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