Shinsekai Yori – Episode 7

Not sure what happened. I wanted to like this episode, but I didn’t. In fact, I think I’d probably rank it lower than episode 5. I miss the school and the whole mystery surrounding their world. The queerats are kind of boring. No, that’s not true. The introduction to Kiroumaru and the Hornet Tribe and seeing more of Squealer, despite the fact that he’s shady, was enjoyable. I actually found them very interesting.

Satoru’s weariness of Kiromaru and his position showed that Satoru is pretty smart. He does act before he thinks, but he was pretty self-aware at this point. I thought Saki would be the one who figured out that the adults probably send the ‘bad’ kids to the queerats to be killed, but nope, it was Satoru.

I did find it weird that everyone could easily get their Cantus back. If someone freezes it, as a punishment, then where is the consequence if you can get it back so easily? The Ethics Committee tells the kids that their mantras are secret and shouldn’t be disclosed to others, but doesn’t tell them that it’s just as bad to write it down? Seems like a pretty huge oversight on their part. In any case, I’m glad that they got it back.

Even though I still like the show, I just couldn’t get into the episode. The main reason for this is that everything and I mean everything faded to black. If there was a lot of action, it would maybe make sense. Or if the kids were sleeping, then I’d understand. But whenever new information came up about the Ethics Committee and Kiroumaru. Black.

Satoru & Saki decide to run away from Kiroumaru.

Squealer helps Satoru & Saki run away.

Satoru & Saki meets up with the other three.

Kiroumaru catches up to the kids.

Kiroumaru escorts the kids.

There was one difference in this sequence. When the Balloon Dogs showed up, it went from

and then to

When Shun got his Cantus back, then it made sense. But everything else was really annoying. I wanted to know why Kiroumaru risked his life to help the children, was it because Satoru saved him? If so, let us know please. Also, was he actually ordered to kill them in the first place? Satoru and Saki suspected this, but we never really got confirmation. I would have loved to hear his thoughts. We’re told that when it comes to the adults, the Hornets listen and obey. Why didn’t Kiroumaru do that here?

I’m curious about how the Ethics Committee even know about what the kids did. The monk definitely died and he didn’t get the children to the temple like he was suppose to, so no one should know about what happened. And if they did know, then why didn’t anyone help the monk? Or when Saki and Satoru were under attack? Unless the adults were fine with the two of them dying. If that’s the case, then why are we seeing a time skip in the next episode where they’re all older? Why are they all still alive? They clearly broke the rules and we’ve already seen two kids disappear. How is this all ok?

Also, Squealer was a little too aware of Saki’s lack of powers too. Queerats believe the humans to be gods, but Squealer seemed to know differently. Shouldn’t he be killed? I mean, if he wanted to, he could tell all the other queerats and they could easily wipe out the humans, simply by their sheer numbers alone. Wouldn’t this be a safety hazard, keeping him alive with this information?

Seeing as I have more questions than answers, I guess that it’s safe to say that this episode wasn’t all that bad. I just hope we never get to see anymore fade to black scenes, unless it make sense. If I have to see another one I think I might


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