JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – Episode 6

I never knew there were so many different types of Overdrives. Oh Jojo, the things you teach me.

Good episode once again. Lots of action and the next episode already sounds amazing and sad. I want to watch it now.

Till then, here is a photo recap of what went down in episode 6.

Red and Orange and Yellow too, Green and Blue and Purple OVERDRIVE!!!!

Jojo calls out to Bruford, “BRUFORD!”

Bruford doesn’t like that Jojo didn’t use honorifics,

So he ties him up.

Jojo calls out to his friends to help him remind Bruford that they’re not Japanese,

But Speedwagon and Zeppeli decide to act busy so they won’t get involved.

Jojo and Bruford continue to clash over their differences,

But soon realize that fighting isn’t the answer, so they stop and talk it out instead.

Tarkus, bored by this act, decides to take matters into his own hands.

He jumps,

Grabs Jojo,

And chains him up.

Boco can’t take it anymore and pees his pants.

He then has a flashback

And decides to help Jojo out.

Zeppeli, realizing that he has to do something to one up Boco, enters the fight.

And that’s what happened in episode six of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures. Sadly, no Dio, but still a great episode.

Preview: Looks like Zeppeli is going to die in this fight.


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